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Sunday 27 August 2023

KICK” Movie

 *“KICK” Movie*

The driving force behind the creation of the "KICK" movie was a single goal: to deliver a comprehensive entertainment experience to the audience. The director's intent was crystal clear – to mark his entry into the Tamil market with an abundance of laughter on everyone's faces. Thus, "KICK" was born, starring none other than the Comedy Superstar Santhanam. 

The central theme and screenplay of the movie revolve entirely around the world of advertising (AD) filmmaking. The narrative follows the journey of our lead characters, Santosh and Nayana, who find themselves in rival AD film-making companies, each playing distinct roles. Nayana, the diligent worker, consistently loses her clients to the more clever Santhosh. Upon uncovering Santhosh's strategies, she decides to challenge him directly, leading to a cascade of uproarious moments. The script thrives on its humor, with every character meticulously crafted to bring out their unique essence. An illustrative example is Tambhi Ramaiya portraying a Michael Jackson enthusiast. 

From start to finish, the film guarantees an unbroken stream of laughter, offering a 100% comedic experience. The movie also boasts a talented ensemble of artists, including Tanya Hope (Nayana), Ragini Diwedi, Kovai Sarala, the late Manobala, veteran Senthil, Bramanandham, Mansoor Ali Khan, and an array of other artists renowned for their comedy prowess. The movie's crew was meticulously handpicked, featuring Arjun Janya for music composition, Sudhakar Raj for cinematography, Ravi Varma and David Castillo for stunts, Bhushan and Santhosh for choreography, Nagooran for editing, and Mohan for art direction. 

*Director: Prashanth Raj*

Prashant Raj, a successful entrepreneur, opted to become a film director out of choice. Making this decision in 2009, he meticulously prepared himself for the role. His debut directorial endeavor, "Love Guru," marked a significant achievement as he hit a century right from the start. Consequently, he became fondly known as "Love Guru Prashanth." Subsequently, his journey continued with an unbroken chain of hits for the Kannada film audience. Titles like "Gaana Bhajana," "Whistle," "Zoom," "Dalapati," and "Orange" solidified his reputation as a reliable entertainer. Now, he's all set to venture into the Tamil film industry with "KICK," a comedy-packed 100% entertainer. Prashant's decision to enter the Tamil industry is driven by his desire to offer a complete entertainment package to the Tamil audience, imprinting his name as a purveyor of light-hearted filmmaking. His notable filmography includes:

Year Title

2009 Love Guru[1]

2010 Gaana Bajaana[2]

2013 Whistle[3]

2016 Zoom

2018 Dalapathy

2018 Orange

2023 Kick (Tamil)

*Fortune Films*

Founded in 2009 by siblings Prashanth and Naveen, the production house Fortune Films embarked on its journey. Prashanth took on the role of director while Naveen ventured into production. Beginning their operations in the Kannada film industry, they've successfully produced 7 films thus far. Their remarkable track record showcases 6 consecutive hits, and they're now poised for their 7th triumph with the production of the Tamil movie "KICK". Demonstrating their dedication, the production house aspires to contribute more to the Tamil film landscape in the coming months and years. Collaborations with diverse artists are already in the pipeline for their upcoming ventures. Additionally, they have strategic plans to curate, distribute, and launch notable Tamil films in the upcoming months, ensuring a commitment to deliver high-quality cinematic experiences to both Kannada and Tamil audiences.

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