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Wednesday 6 September 2023

Actor Udhaya's heartiest congratulations to 'Rangoli' that marks the heroic debut

 *Actor Udhaya's heartiest congratulations to 'Rangoli' that marks the heroic debut of nephew Hamaresh*

Living up to the title, 'Rangoli', a colourful youth film, has hit the screens today. It is a matter of pride for our family that my nephew (sister's son) Hamaresh is playing the lead role in this movie.

Hamaresh, who acted in films like 'Deivathirumagal' and 'Maanagaram' in his childhood, has grown up and is standing before us as a hero. As an actor and maternal uncle, I wish him great success in the film world.

'Rangoli' has taken shape in an interesting manner to remind us of our school days. The film helmed by director Vaali Mohan Das can be enjoyed by all sections of the audience. Vaali Mohan Das, who had worked as an assistant director to director Vasanth, has left his imprint on 'Rangoli'. All the actors and actresses including Aadukalam Murugadoss who acted in the film have given their excellent contribution.

Cinematography by Maruthanayagam and music by K S Sundaramurthy are the biggest strengths of the film. R Sathyanarayanan's editing adds value to 'Rangoli'. I congratulate all those who have worked on the film. I express my gratitude to Mr. K. Babu Reddy and my brother-in-law Mr. G. Sathishkumar who have produced the film very well.

Film industry celebrities, journalists, and media personalities who have watched the film so far continue to express their appreciation. I request everyone to watch this movie in theatres, enjoy it and bless the team.

People have always celebrated good movies. I hope Rangoli will find a place in that list. Film background alone is not enough to act and succeed in cinema industry. God's blessing and people's support are must. I am sure Hamaresh will get these and succeed.

With much love,

Actor Udhaya

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