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Friday 1 September 2023

Dream warrior pictures and Invenio Films forge new partnership

 *Dream warrior pictures and Invenio Films forge new partnership: 4 new feature films Lined up*

In an exciting and groundbreaking move, two prominent names in the entertainment industry are joining hands to embark on a journey of collaborative filmmaking. The partnership between Dream warrior pictures and Invenio films marks a significant milestone, that promises to enthrall audiences.

Known for their impressive portfolio of successful cinematic ventures, Dream warrior pictures are one of the leading movie production houses in South Indian film industry. The company along with Invenio Films is set to produce four new feature films in Tamil and Telugu. 

'Kannivedi' (Tamil) with National award winning actor Keerthy Suresh in the lead, 'Rainbow' (Telugu) with Rashmika Mandanna in the lead and two more untitled movies will be co-produced by these two enterprises. Speaking on the collaboration, Alankar of Invenio films expressed his joy. 

"It is happy to have a seasoned player like dream warrior pictures on board. This collaboration will capitalize on each entity's individual strengths, combining creative expertise, technical prowess, and a shared commitment to providing high-quality entertainment. I am thrilled to associate and partner as Co-Producer" says Alankar. 

S.R. Prabu of Dream Warrior Pictures, too expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration. "This partnership will demonstrate the power of collective creativity. Our shared goal is to create compelling stories that  resonate with audiences across boundaries."

As this exciting new alliance unfolds, the industry and moviegoers can anticipate a lineup of extraordinary films that fuse the best of both production houses.

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