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Monday 4 September 2023

Sub: “Rural Public Wellness Welfare Programs - Ondrinaivomva” in Chengalpattu

 Sub: “Rural Public Wellness Welfare Programs - Ondrinaivomva” in Chengalpattu District by Heartfulness [NGO]– Reg.

A Special 45 Days Unique Program is commencing at Chengalpattu District of Rural Tamil Nadu from 6th Sep until 20th Oct 2023 covering 600+ Villages, 20 L population of highly populated farmers belt.

In today’s World, Society, the Kindness, Unity, Collective Human welfare over Individual welfare and Mutual Trust and Respect are diminishing due to hectic life style, competitive commercial world, high expectations etc. This leads to stressful families, health challenges, psychosomatic disorders, insomnia, and Hormones imbalance creates havoc in many families. Sedentary life style of Gadget centric youth would perhaps impact their future generations too.  Hence this initiative to safe guard people is the need of the hour to act upon and serve/protect our own people.

Chengalpattu District was chosen by the Heartfulness, [A Not for Profit Organisation people welfare organisation over 75 years] serving society which includes School Children, Youth, Women, Old age people, working people with specially designed Holistic wellness program of the Mental Health, Emotional Health and Physical Health Programs through set of Scientifically time tested Proven Practices

The Program is aimed to reach out to Govt Schools Children, Private Institutions, Self Help Group, Farmers on the Field, 100 Days workers, Angan vaadi workers, Youth, Shop Owners, Traders, Panchayat Union Members, Block development office, Village stake holders across all spectrum of the society at their door step in each of the villages.

Around 1000 Volunteers from across Tamil Nadu are dedicating their time, efforts to travel on their own to visit these villages and stay with them and empower them with these techniques, tools for their inner development and connect with the higher purpose of life for their individual Welfare and Environmental wellbeing to build better families, society and life all around. This selfless practice from Heartfulness movement is touching Millions of lives across 160 countries and embrace them with Deep sense of pure Love and Kindness and Global Brotherhood, Unity with Mutual Trust and Respect.

District Collector and Chief Education Officer, Women Empowerment Dept – Self Help Group have consented and issued the letter to Engage Heartfulness Volunteers across all villages and it is Offered at ZERO Cost / FREE basis with sole aim of “Society and Humanity First” Approach. Hence the Program is named as “Ondrinaivomva” through the Body, Mind, with Heart at the core of Life.

Mr.N.Lingusamy, Film Director has mentioned that If you experience the truth for few minutes in your busy daily schedules will help you to have clarity, decisions can be taken with confidence and we need not have to spend money, visit anywhere but sitting in our own homes, this can be experienced. Once you experienced, your life will become transformed for ever not only for you but for the whole future generations.

Mr.Anil Kumar, MD and CEO, Samunnati Agri Funding organisation and Pioneer and Trendsetter in the Agri Financial intermediation and Agri Advisory orga said that how the Heartfulness practice is helping FPOs and Many Agri Stake holders across India and further said that it has given them confidence, hope for better life. When the mind is calm, work is effective, relationship is smooth and eventually it helps the holistic welfare of the farmers, students and all walks of life. He narrated his experience as how it has helped him and Agri eco system in the country.

The Launch event was concluded with a Unique Meditation experience with Journalists and invitees, Young kids performed Yoga and Breathing exercises and Relaxation techniques were demonstrated by heartfulness volunteers.

At Chengalpattu district, this is an opportunity for general public to experience this practice and they can meet the volunteers through village authorities and heads of the institutions to enable the experience for all.

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