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Monday 30 October 2023

*MS Manzoor presents ‘CHIRO’ shooting starts with a ritual ceremony

 *MS Manzoor presents ‘CHIRO’ shooting starts with a ritual ceremony* 

It’s time for a shoutout to all the fantasy genre films! Million Studios’s MS Manzoor, who has created a spellbinding film ‘Weapon’ that is all set to offer a never-before cinematic experience to the film lovers, has got his ‘Production No.2’ rolling on floors now. The film titled ‘CHIRO’ is a fantasy genre that will throw an ultimate feast in the theaters with a top-notch technical bonanzas. Akshay Radhakrishnan, who is famous for his blockbuster hits in Malayalam such as pathinettam padi, valaati is playing the  lead role. Actress Prarthana Chabria, who is a certified commerical pilot, is playing the female lead role. The others in the star cast include  Rohini, Por Thozhil fame Lisha chinnu, Super Deluxe fame Nobel in pivotal characters.

The shooting of this film commenced from October 27, with a simple ritual Pooja ceremony, attended by the cast and crew. 

The film is written and directed by Wivek Rajaram, a former ad filmmaker and designer, who embarks on his directorial venture with this movie. 

Producer MS Manzoor says, “We are happy to announce that the shooting of our ambitious project ‘Chiro’ has started with a ritual ceremony. We are planning to complete the entire shoot in a single stretch schedule. We at Million Studios have always aspired to make content-driven movies with a top-notch technical aspect. Our maiden production ‘Weapon’ starring Sathyaraj and Vasanth Ravi as titular characters, is one such film that has already started garnering good response for its visual promos. ‘Chiro’ will offer a never-seen-before cinematic experience for the audiences as we are roping in the finest CG and VFX/Animation artists.”  



Technical Crew 

Cinematography: Kishan CV

Editing: Gopi Krishna 

Production Controller: Sivakumar 

Executive Producer: Sakthivel & Rizwan 

Publicity Designer: Dinesh Ashok

PRO: Suresh Chandra-Rekha D'One

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