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Sunday 24 December 2023

Million Studios MS Manzoor presents ‘CHIRO’ shooting wraps up

 *Million Studios MS Manzoor presents ‘CHIRO’ shooting wraps up* 

Million Studios Producer MS Manzoor has officially announced the completion of the shooting for his Production No.2 titled 'CHIRO', a fantasy film. The film stars Akshay Radhakrishnan, who gained recognition for his outstanding performances in blockbuster Malayalam movies such as 'Pathinettam Padi' and 'Valaati', in the titular role. Actress Prarthana Chabria, a certified commercial pilot, will be playing the female lead. Other notable actors such as Rohini, Lisha Chinnu from 'Por Thozhil' fame, Nobel from 'Super Deluxe' fame, and others will be portraying pivotal roles in the film. The shooting was successfully completed within the planned timeframe of 45 days, thanks to meticulous planning and execution by the crew. The film is written and directed by Wivek Rajaram, a former ad filmmaker and designer, who is making his directorial debut with this project.

Producer MS Manzoor, Million Studios, says, “We Million Studio are happy to announce that the shooting of our ambitious film ‘CHIRO’ is wrapped up now. The shoot of the movie was started in Chennai on 27 October 2023 with pooja. The movie was shot at various locations in and across Chennai, Kovalam, Pitchavaram, Pondichery and Chidambaram. Following a rapid shooting for 45 days, the production curtain fell on 10 December 2023. Currently, the postproduction work is briskly progressing, and we are planning to release the film in February 2024.” 

The movie is edited by Gopi Krishna of Thani Oruvan, Vazhakku Enn 18/9, Dillukku Duddu fame.  The music is composed by debutant Ashwin Aryan. The movie is scheduled to release in February 2024.

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