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Tuesday 26 December 2023

Mudakkaruthan Trailer Launch

 *Mudakkaruthan Trailer Launch*

Dr.K.Veerababu, a chiropractor, who is known for his great social service by volunteering to save 5394 patients affected by the pandemic (COVID-19) in the years 2020-2021 through Siddha medicine has now turned Actor- Director with 'Mudakkaruthan'. He has also bankrolled the film and composed the background score. This film is based on the crime of child begging. 

Mahana Sanjeevi is playing the female lead. The film also stars Samuthirakani, Super Subbarayan, Kadhal Sukumar, Chaams, late actor Mayilsamy and others in supporting roles. The trailer launch of the film was held yesterday. The event was graced by the cast and crew of the film along with special guests- Politician Tamilaruvi Maniyan, Director Thangar Bachchan, Actor- Director Samuthirakani and Producer Suresh Kamatchi. 

Dr. Veerababu, who spoke first at the function, said that through his film, he has made important comments and demands for the society and the government. He said that all of them will be children's request and the core of the film is to destroy the gangs that kidnap children and keep them begging on the roads. He asked the government to be prepared in terms of medical and patient facilities to meet the next Covid-19 pandemic.

Speaking at the event, Producer Suresh Kamatchi said: "I appreciated his  confidence when I got to know that after he would write, direct, produce and act, and his concern for society increased his respect."

When director and actor Samuthirakani spoke, he said "The social message he dared to convey by believing in his story is very important. Parents are busy making money without paying attention to their children, so they don't know the impact on them. This film describes the consequences. During the shooting of a film, Veerababu cured the allergy caused by pretending to have coal all over his body in one scene," he added.

Dr.K.Veera Babu while speaking said that he is  has been serving many people through his Siddha medicine and he has put forward the best idea through this film and people like him are a gift to the Tamil land and Tamil people should give importance to Tamil medicine and Tamil people should make this film a success.

Actor Mahana said, "Veerababu worked very hard in all aspects of the film like 'one man army' like acting, production and animation. This film is about women and child trafficking. Even during the shoot, he took good care of us by giving us herbal food. The comical track with Mayilsamy, Chaams, 'Kadhal Sukumar and Ambani Shankar has come out well".

Congratulating the team at the end of the event, Tamil scholar and politician Tamilaruvi Manian said, "I am very much indebted to Veerababu. I am alive now because of the treatment he gave me when I was affected by the corona virus. I faced a lot of hardships due to English medicine. Therefore, all Tamil people should give importance to Tamil medicine."

As the event concluded,  bags full of herbs were given to all the crew, in order to spread awareness about healthy lifestyle. 

'Mudakkaruthan' will hit the theaters on January 25, 2024.

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