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Thursday 23 May 2024

Baahubali voice Sharad Kelkar opens about his

 Baahubali voice Sharad Kelkar opens about his love for acting and being seen more on-screen, says, “ I am an actor first, I want to try new roles, do new work.”

There are many events and stories in the world of Baahubali and Mahishmati that are unheard, unseen and unwitnessed. Disney + Hotstar and Graphic India recently launched animated series of one of India’s fan favorite film franchise, Hotstar Specials’ ‘Baahubali: Crown of Blood’, a story where Baahubali and Bhallaladeva will join hands to protect the great kingdom of Mahishmati and the throne against its greatest threat, the mysterious warlord, Raktadeva

Actor Sharad Kelkar is known for some great performances and lending his voice for iconic projects. The talented star has been known to play the voice of Prabhas in the Baahubali series. Recently, he lent his voice for Disney+ Hotstar’s Baahubali: Crown Of Blood. The actor talks about shuffling between being a voice over artist and on-screen star!

Talking about the same, Sharad Kelkar said,  “I dub well but that doesn’t mean that I’ll do a certain type of role that requires a good voice. I am an actor first, I can perform and when it comes to my voice I can take it to any dimension. But, fortunately, in the last two years a lot of people have shown trust in me.  I try to do different kinds of roles so that I am not stuck being typecast. I am waiting for the good times, the best to come” 

Talking about Baahubali he further added, “All the credit goes to SS Rajamouli sir who made me the voice of Baahubali. He chose me for that and gave me the liberty to dub as I perceived the character. During the first part, he used to come in the evening and check all the dubs. While dubbing for the second part he didn’t come, he trusted us with it completely, he’d say, ‘guys, do your job”! 

    ~ Baahubali: Crown of Blood is streaming now only on Disney+ Hotstar ~

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