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Monday 20 May 2024

Jandamattaan', a music album created by

 Jandamattaan', a music album created by renowned medical practitioner Dr. U.P. Srinivasan released in Chennai*

*The album which portrays human desires through music and dance was released by leading music label Saregama at an event attended by director Chimbu Deven, Producer P L Thenappan, Singer Mano and others*

Dr. U.P. Srinivasan, a prominent surgical gastroenterologist and robotic surgeon in Chennai, has created a music album 'Jandamattaan'. Impressed by the album, leading music label Saregama has acquired its rights. 

The album was released at a function in Chennai with director Chimbu Deven, Producer P L Thenappan, Singer Mano, Director Mandhiramoorthy, DoP Gopi Jagadeeswaran, Dance Master Kandhas, Dance Master Sridhar, Actor Mahendran and KPY Sarath guests. Personalities from various fields participated in this event.

Trained in Paris in the medical field, Dr. Sriniivasan also has a keen interest in the arts. With a profound passion for music, he has ventured into creating this album amidst his medical profession.

There is an interesting background to this album. Initially, Dr. U.P.S. wrote a short story. It is about 'the dance of midnight ghosts', which is based on Nagercoil folklore. Inspired by the story, he collaborated with friends to turn it into a short film with Aarish directing it. 

When it came to the dance of the ghosts in the short film, they needed a song, which Dr. U.P.S. himself penned since he knows Nagercoil dialect well. Music directors H. Hoomar Ezhilan and H. Shajahan composed the song, with Master Suresh Sid taking care of choreography. The song too is directed by Aarish. Produced on a grand budget, the album will be released by Saregama. 

Talking about the album amidst his 'operations', Dr. U.P.S. said, "I am primarily a doctor. I have always had interest in arts. I started this as a short story, then it became a short film which eventually turned into an album. This is an extension of a story my grandmother told me as a child. I am producing this with the help of my friends. They even forced me to write the lyrics for the album. We have added some social concepts to the grandma story and created the album. Witnessing a lot of graphics work for this album is a new experience in cinema for me. Now I am satisfied and happy when everyone appreciates the album. I hope the enthusiasm it gives will make me travel further in this sector."


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