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Saturday 18 May 2024

Shanthi Talkies Arun Viswa presents ’8 Thottakkal’ Sri Ganesh Directorial

 Shanthi Talkies Arun Viswa presents 

’8 Thottakkal’ Sri Ganesh Directorial 

Actor Siddarth’s ‘Siddarth 40’ 

Very few actors possess the rare quality of consistently gravitating towards the artistic core of acting by selecting unconventional scripts and roles that transcend time. Siddharth, a successful Pan-Indian actor, has completed a remarkable 21-year journey in the film industry, leaving a lasting impact in every industry he has ventured into. Despite not opting for a large number of films, his choices have always been adorned with exceptional performances. Whether it was leaving an indelible mark with 'Rang De Basanti' in Bollywood, winning the hearts of audiences with 'Bommarillu' in Telugu, or shining in various genres in the Tamil industry, Siddharth has showcased his unwavering passion for cinema and acting. His latest project, 'Chitha', has further solidified his place in the hearts of audiences. Now, the actor has joined hands with a promising team for another captivating film tentatively titled 'Siddharth 40'. This upcoming project will be helmed by Sri Ganesh, known for '8 Thottakkal', and produced by Arun Viswa of Shanthi Talkies, the producer of the blockbuster hit ‘Maaveeran'.

Actor Siddharth says, “I am so glad to be working with the young and promising minds of our industry, who have compelling vision to deliver promising content that savor the tastes of universal crowds. Film enthusiasts and families have generously showered their love for ‘Chitha’, which instilled a whole of responsibility in me to choose stories that will touch and engross their senses. I listened to several scripts, and the narrated by Sri Ganesh excited me. A producer’s delight is always about making movies that leave a neat impact on the audience. I felt those vibes with Arun Viswa, whose sheer vision to create interesting movies amazed me. When I met him for the first time, I could clearly feel that he is not an investor-producer, but a producer, who dreams and aspires to elevate the industry with good cinema. I am sure, our dedication and passion will deliver a beautiful movie that will endow a delightful experience for audience.” 

Director Sri Ganesh says, “When I started working on script, I wanted an actor, who can exhibit the duality of a youthful and matured dimension in all aspects. Significantly, it was Siddarth who struck my mind. When I met him for the narration, he was completely engaged and even shared his suggestions, which was so admirable. A director’s delight is when you have a producer, who shares the same vision as you, and am delighted to be collaborating with Arun Viswa. We are holding talks with lots of big actors  in the industry, and one among them would be a ‘Sparkling Onscreen Couple’, who have been trending in our hearts for years.” 

Producer Arun Viswa says, “Shanthi Talkies is named after my mother, and I always believe in choosing projects, which my mother would have enjoyed watching in the theaters. The uttermost vision of Shanthi Talkies is to create commercial films that engross the family audiences. Sri Ganesh’s substantial writing is so impressive, and When he narrated the script, I strongly started believing that it will be a film that will appeal to the interests of audiences of all age groups, beyond boundaries and linguistic barriers. Siddarth sir’s passion for cinema is beyond everyone’s perception. I am so excited to work with him, and we will be soon making surprising announcements.” 

The shooting of ‘Siddharth 40’ will be commencing in June, and the details about others in the cast and crew will be revealed soon.

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