Saturday, 10 April 2021

Hermoso – a Food, Fashion and Lifestyle pop-up by

*Hermoso – a Food, Fashion and Lifestyle pop-up by Aishwariya R Prithvi and Nethra M Pravin*

Hermoso is the first edition of the Food, Fashion & Lifestyle Pop Up by *Aishwariya R Prithvi and Nethra M Pravin.* Inaugurated by *Kiki Vijay and Meena Chhabria*, the pop up was just what the people of the city were looking for.

Click here to watch Keerthy Shanthanu inaugurating Wild Summer Collection at Hanu Reddy Residences:

Hermoso presented the city with WILD SUMMER – bringing together different brands – giving us the opportunity to splurge on all the right things at the right time. The pop-up brought forth everything from skincare, jewellery to sarees and home décor.

WILD SUMMER featured a wide variety of brands like Madras Nirvana, Aagurusilks, The Pride shop, Daraa, La D Couture, The Truck Shop, Gee Slivers and Home Décor, Sparkle Breeze, Roos Food Concepts, Butyfulme Clothing, The Hermoso Shop, Marina’s Boutique, Diyu, Thavam Studioz, Cittahandmade, Up:Art, Little Eli, Shimo bakers, Sunlight Incense, Divine Caterers and many more.

At the end of the day, we can safely say that Hermoso gave one the opportunity to go on a shopping experience that is as well rounded as it gets!

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