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Wednesday 11 August 2021

Kilpauk Medical College Upgrades Critical Care Infrastructure Through the

 Kilpauk Medical College Upgrades Critical Care Infrastructure
Through the MillionICU initiative by Dozee

50 Step-Down ICU beds installed to create smart wards; facilitating continuous critical care for 1800 patients over the next 3 months

Kilpauk Medical College in Chennai has upgraded 50 normal beds into step-down ICUs to facilitate critical care for 1800+ patients over the next 3 months. This renowned medical centre is one of the first hospitals to receive this as a part of the MillionICU, an initiative that addresses the massive shortage of ICU beds and staff in public hospitals.

Dozee’s contactless sensors featuring an AI-powered triaging system that enables continuous (more than 100 times per hour) and accurate monitoring of a patient’s heart rate, respiratory rate, and other clinical parameters like sleep apnea and myocardial performance metrics without coming in contact with the patient. Dozee has also set up a 24x7 Central Monitoring Cell at the hospital which enables healthcare staff to monitor multiple patients remotely who were previously monitored manually only every couple of hours. Launched with the goal of enabling public hospitals to tide over the current COVID- 19 crisis in the short-term and bring about a rapid, long-term transformation in India’s public healthcare infrastructure, the MillionICU initiative will help upgrade critical care infrastructure in government hospitals across Tamil Nadu. The upgradation of facilities at Kilpauk Medical College was completed by leveraging the funds donated to the initiative by The State Bank of India Foundation.

The MillionICU initiative is an effort to leapfrog the critical health infrastructure and empower government hospitals with step-down ICU beds. The initiative aims to dramatically increase the number of HDUs with centralized patient monitoring at Kilpauk Medical College and make critical care more easily accessible and available to the needy, when they need it the most. Under the initiative, hospital beds will be installed with A Central Monitoring Cell is also set up by Dozee at these hospitals which help in saving crucial nursing hours and on an average, Dozee saves around 30 min of nursing time per patient per day. The constant stream of patient data aids the medical staff with early detection of patient deterioration and notifies the care team of any abnormalities before it becomes critical. Custom alerts can be set for every patient, helping doctors optimise treatment plans, focus on deteriorating patients and provide improved proactive care.

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Supporting Quotes


Prof. Dr. R. Shanthimalar, M.D. D.A, DEAN, Kilpauk Medical College

“The MillionICU initiative will help institutions like us to upgrade quickly and efficiently. We are delighted to be the first beneficiary of this initiative in the city of Chennai and thank the donors for their generosity. Dozee has helped us upgrade the step-down ICU infrastructure within a matter of a few days and we are already seeing the benefits of the deployment. The Kilpauk medical team is happy to now serve more patients and have a greater impact on their recoveries while keeping themselves safe and saving precious time.”

Mudit Dandwate, CEO & Cofounder, Dozee

“Kilpauk is taking the lead amongst Tamil Nadu hospitals in upgrading their ICU infrastructure and getting better prepared to offer the best possible care to its patients. Through the MillionICU initiative, we want to enable government hospitals across India to upgrade their existing beds into step-down ICUs within a few minutes. The continuous monitoring cell will also aid the nursing staff with early detection of patient deterioration and notify the care team of any abnormalities that may be detected before it becomes critical. This will not only enable improved patient outcomes but also significantly reduces the load on nurses and doctors. Our aim is to install more than 50,000 Step-Down ICU beds across India by the end of 2021.”

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