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Tuesday 1 August 2023

93-year-old Ageing Superstar Charuhaasan all set to leave strong global imprint with solid

93-year-old Ageing Superstar Charuhaasan all set to leave strong global imprint with solid performance in 'Haraa' directed by Vijay Sri G with 'Silver Jubilee Star' Mohan in lead role

'Silver Jubilee Star' Mohan's comeback film 'Haraa' directed by Vijay Sri G and bankrolled by Coimbatore S P Mohan Raj and G Media's Jaya Sri Vijay has got an immense value addition. For, 93-year-old Charuhaasan plays a socially responsible don in the movie.

Director Vijay Sri G says with glee the nonagenarian has performed his scenes well without any difficulty. It is noteworthy that Vijay Sri G directed the movie 'Dha Dha 87' starring Charuhaasan in the lead a few years back.

Talking about Charuhaasan's contribution to 'Haraa', director Vijay Sri G said, "It is doubtful whether there is an actor who acts with such enthusiasm at the age of 93. Charuhaasan has played a very important role in Haraa."

Speaking further, he said, "It's normal to think of a don with negative shades. But in this film, Charuhaasan plays the role of a don who does good for the society. He performed his scenes with great energy without any fatigue or delay. Many thanks to him and his family members including his daughter Mrs. Suhasini Mani Ratnam."

In this movie, Suresh Menon plays a character with negative shades who clashes with the protagonist. Also, Vanitha Vijayakumar is playing a never-before-seen role as an powerful minister. According to the film's crew, Suresh Menon and Vanitha Vijayakumar's characters and performances will be talked about in 'Haraa'.

Director Vijay Sri G said the works to bring the movie 'Hara' to the screens are going on in full swing.

It is noteworthy that Mohan, who had not acted in films for many years despite the efforts of many directors and producers, was impressed with the story of director Vijay Sri G and agreed to act in 'Haraa'.

The director said like how people enjoyed watching Mohan in various roles so far, his character in 'Haraa' will also strike a chord with the audience. 

The movie which is made with a big budget has an ensemble of star cast including Mohan, Khushbhu, Yogi Babu, 'Mottai' Rajendran, Singam Puli, Deepa, Mime Gopi, Chaams, Koushik, Anithra Nair and Santhosh Prabhakar among others.

The main idea of the film is to make children aware of IPC rules, just as they teach children first aid, including Good Touch and Bad Touch, from the time they are in school.

It is to be noted that the film's first look, title teaser and the song 'Kaya Muya...' have gone viral on social media and have been well received.

Coimbatore S P Mohan Raj and Jaya Sri Vijay of G Media are jointly producing Mohan-starrer 'Haraa', which is directed by Vijay Sri G, following the 2019 film 'Dha Dha 87' starring Chaaruhaasan and the recently-released 'Powder'. 


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