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Wednesday 2 August 2023

Member of Parliament from Theni OP Ravindranath, the son of Former Chief Minister

 Member of Parliament from Theni OP Ravindranath, the son of Former Chief Minister and suspended AIADMK Leader O Panneerselvam is being blamed for misconduct with a woman named Gayatri Devi. 

The complainant Gayatri Devi in her complaint to the police department states that she had a friendly relationship with the wife of OP Ravindranath and also with his now close friend Malar. She says while she was a moral support to OP Ravindranath wife Ananthi, as she was upset with Ravindranath behaviour with Malar, left OP Ravindranath himself started behaving badly with her itself. She states that after her husband passed away, OPR and his associate Murugan repeatedly harassed her asking for sexual favours for OPR. And when she declined stating that she saw him only as a brother, he threatened to kill her family! 

When asked for a reaction from AIADMK leaders, none were forthcoming to comment. 

AIADMK spokesperson Apsara Reddy, however said in one line, “Women harassment and outraging a woman’s modesty must be dealt with strictly. Whatever the truth to this matter must be found out and appropriate action must be taken. But this DMK government has no commitment towards women’s issues and the crime rates are only increasing.”

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