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Wednesday 9 August 2023

MS Manzoor presents ‘CHIRO’ is all set to throw the ultimate ‘Fantasy’ Feast to fans

 *MS Manzoor presents ‘CHIRO’ is all set to throw the ultimate ‘Fantasy’ Feast to fans!*

Million Studio’s MS Manzoor started its journey of production in the Tamil film industry with the earnest desire to generate good quality films with a never-before cinematic experience for film lovers. The industry is already in awe of its maiden production “Weapon” starring Sathyaraj as the lead character, which has been getting good vibes with the perfect making and progress of shooting. Meanwhile, the production house is elated to launch its second production “CHIRO”, yet another film with a unique tale that will offer a wholesome experience. 

The film, a fantasy by its genre, is written and directed by Wiwek Rajaram, a former ad filmmaker and designer. The film marks the debut of Prarthana Chabria. 

Wiwek Rajaram says, “When I narrated the script to Manzoor sir and Abdul sir, both of them were impressed with the unique plot and engrossing screenplay. I thank both of them for banking their trust in the script. I thank Meena Chabria ma’am for letting her daughter Prarthana debut as an actress with this film.” 

Speaking about the title and significance of ‘Chiro’, he says, “Chiro is a fantasized and fictionalized character - An angel that protects girl children. When I met Prarthana for the first time, I felt she will strongly do justice to this character, and I am glad that her mother accepted to let her play the lead role.” 

Director Wiwek continues to add, “The film has a complex subject that revolves around the theme of bedtime stories. The film doesn’t fall into one particular genre but will keep shifting every 20-25 minutes. I have tried projecting the fact that women are basically gifted with psychic powers and they have the unique quality of protecting themselves.” 

The shooting of Chiro is scheduled to kick-start in the second week of September 2023. The process of finalizing the other actors and technicians is happening in full swing. 

The film is produced by MS Manzoor of Million Studios. 

*Technical Crew* 

Cinematography: Kishan CV

Editing: Gopi Krishna 

Production Controller: Sivakumar 

Executive Producer: Sakthivel & Rizwan 

Publicity Designer: Dinesh Ashok

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