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Tuesday 12 September 2023

Infiniti Film Ventures’ “Raththam” starring Vijay Antony release on

 *Infiniti Film Ventures’ “Raththam” starring Vijay Antony release on October 6, 2023* 

The makers of Vijay Antony’s Raththam today (September 12, 2023) have officially announced that the the film will be releasing on October 6, 2023. 

The film won the attention both trade circles and the audiences from its time of announcement. Significantly, with the expectations skyrocketing with the blockbuster trailer that has scaled more than 3 Million views, the producers have decided to postpone it to give the film the undivided spotlight it deserves, thereby revealing the new release date for Raththam. 


Vijay Antony’s Raththam, directed by C.S. Amudhan has impressed the film lovers with its riveting trailer that encapsulates thriller, mystery, drama, emotions, social elements, and more entertainment. More than all, Vijay Antony has become the undisputed bankable star of trade circle, beyond the regional boundaries and linguistic barriers. T

Raththam is written and directed by C.S. Amudhan, who has stepped out of his comfort zone of hilarious comedy capers for the first time, by crafting an intense thriller. The film features Vijay Antony as the protagonist with Ramya Nambeesan, Mahima Nambiar, and Nandita Swetha in the female lead characters. 

The film is produced by Kamal Bohra, G.Dhananjayan, Pradeep B, and Pankaj Bohra of Infiniti Film Ventures.

*Technical Crew* 

Music Director  :  Kannan Narayanan 

D O P: Gopi Amarnath 

Editor: T.S. Suresh  

Stunts: Dhilip Subbarayan 

Sound Designer: Vijay Rathinam MPSE 

Sound Mix: A M Rahmathulla

Art: Senthil Raghavan

Writing Team : Athisha, Karkibava, Thozhar Aathi

DI : B2H Studios

Colorist: Selvam 

VFX Supervisor : DALE VFX

Lyrics: Yuga Bharathi, Arivu, Uma Devi, K.Chandru 

Costume Designer: Shimona Stalin 

Publicity Design : Chandru - Thandora   

Make Up : Hari Prasad

Stills : Mahesh Jayachandran 

Telugu Dialogue & Lyrics : Bashashree

Production Executive: K.Sakthivel  

Head Name : Maruthy Prasad

Executive Producer : Pradeep Subramaniam

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