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Monday 4 September 2023

Theerna Films & Entertainment Vandana Menon & Gopakumar P presents*

 *Theerna Films & Entertainment Vandana Menon & Gopakumar P presents* 

*Music Director Sreejith Edavana’s directorial debut* 

*Cicada - A New-Fangled Pan-Indian Film with One title, One story, 4 different languages, 24 different tunes* 

In the recent times, the ‘Pan-Indian trend’ has significantly become the most fashionable concept in the Indian Film Industry, but, a team of fresh and vibrant minds with ambitious drive are now arriving with a unique story to present that will appeal to the interests of audiences beyond the linguistic and regional boundaries. 

‘Cicada’ is a Pan-Indian film that is simultaneously made in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada. The greatest highlight about the film is the songs, where music director Sreejith Edavana, one of the promising composers from Malayalam industry, has composed fresh tunes for Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu and Kannada versions. This is the first-ever time, a movie releasing in four different languages will have different tunes. 

‘Cicada’ is an edge-of-seat, survival thriller that will keep audiences engrossed throughout the show.  


Cicada marks the directorial debut of music director Sreejith Edavana and is produced by Vandana Menon and Gopakumar P under the banner Theerna Films and Entertainment. The film features Rajith CR in the lead role, who became popular with his Tamil debut in director Vikrama’s movie and commendable performances in many Tamil movies.  

Jaise Jose, who shot to fame for his spellbinding performance as antagonist in Sundar C’s Thalainagaram 2, is playing the second lead character in this movie. Gayathri Mayoora performs the female lead character. 

CICADA has been extensively shot across the exotic locales of Bangalore, Sholayur, Attapadi(Tamil Nadu-Kerala border), Vagamon and Kochi.

This movie has been shot as a straight in the 4 languages, Tamil Malayalam Telugu and Kannada. 

Sreejith Edavana is a well known music composer who has worked in the Tamil and Malayalam Movie industry and composed musical hits like "Kaadhal En Kaviye" and "Nenjodu Cherthu."

Naveen Kannan has penned lyrics for the songs of this film.

Lot of effort has been put into reaching some exclusive spots that have been beautifully captured by cinematographer Naveen Raj. The unit took some painstaking efforts to walk for over 2 hours to reach some of these spots. Rajith, our hero, shot through some very rough terrain with wild ox, wild dogs, etc without a body double, says director Sreejith Edavana.

Songs are unique since different tunes have been composed for every language to retain the flavor and nativity of each region.  Songs are going to hit the juke box soon. Sound design is one of the main attraction factors of this survival thriller.

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