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Thursday 12 October 2023

Tiger roars at the Cricket World Cup to create historic reach for the YRF Spy

 *Tiger roars at the Cricket World Cup to create historic reach for the YRF Spy Universe film!*

In what can be called the biggest ever film association in cricket World Cup history, Yash Raj Films has collaborated with the broadcast network, Star Sports, for a never-been-done  marketing association to promote their tentpole Diwali release Tiger 3! 

“Tiger’s roar will be heard all throughout the cricket World Cup because the makers have cracked a never-been-attempted marketing association that will see YRF promote Tiger 3 across all India games and also all key matches of this prestigious global ODI cricket tournament!” informs a trade source. 

“Tiger 3 will take over the India vs Pakistan match! Salman has also shot for cricket World Cup thematic co-branded promos to run throughout the tournament across India and other important matches. This is the biggest film marketing association that has ever happened for the World Cup!” the source adds.

“The 2019 World Cup matches reached out to more than 500+ million viewers! The India vs Pakistan game in 2019 reached around 200+ million viewers! So, one can only imagine the astronomical reach that the tournament will have in 2023 and Tiger 3 will cash in on this massively!” the source further says.

Directed by Maneesh Sharma and produced by Aditya Chopra, Tiger 3 is set to release this Diwali! It is the newest film from the YRF Spy Universe and also stars Katrina Kaif opposite Salman Khan.

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