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Friday 24 November 2023

From Big Screen Success to Digital Domination: "Behold" Continues to Reign Supreme on

 *From Big Screen Success to Digital Domination: "Behold" Continues to Reign Supreme on OTT Charts*

After captivating all sections of audience in the theatres, Potential Studios' Irugapatru continues its domination in OTT charts too after debuting on Netflix. 

Featuring an ensemble cast which comprised talents like Shraddha Rama Srinath, Abarnathi, Saniya Ayyappan, Vikram Prabhu, Vidharth and Shree, Irugapatru was directed by Yuvaraj Dayalan. This relationship drama explores the complexities of human connections, particularly among married couples.

The film hit the theatres on October 6 and immediately went on to become a superhit. It received significant praise due to its captivating story, screenplay, dialogue and outstanding performances, which have struck a deep chord with audiences.

Within few days of its release, social media was abuzz with memes, brief video clips and dialogue from Irugapatru, taken the world of netizens by storm, becoming viral. The film's powerful couple therapy like narrative and relatable characters have also ignited many discussions across platforms and has made a positive emotional impact with viewers.

After its blockbuster theatrical run, Irugapatru started to stream on the popular OTT platform Netflix from November 6. The film was an instant it and is having an amazing run in the platform. From the day of its release, Irugapatru continues to trend within the top 10 places which is a testament to both its timeless appeal and the storytelling's enduring force.

Producer SR Prabu conveyed his appreciation for the tremendous response, saying, "We are humbled and ecstatic about Irugapatru's amazing reception. It's encouraging to see how the film's emotional heft and genuineness resonate with viewers. The triumph of the movie validates our dedication to elevating captivating narratives to the forefront."

The universal themes explored in "Irugapatru" makes it an ideal candidate for adaptation, as its emotional resonance and relatable characters transcend cultural boundaries. Hence, following the phenomenal success the remake rights of the movie is in demand. Producers and filmmakers from other regional languages are expressing keen interest in bringing this poignant relationship drama to new audiences in their landscape. 

The "Irugapatru" crew is grateful for the audience's continued support and believes that the film's influence will live on in people's hearts for years to come, even while it continues to top the OTT charts. It is to be noted that even after the ott debut, the film still continues its dream run in several theatres thoughtout tamilnadu.

- Johnson PRO

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