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Knowledge is a treasure but the practice is the key to it” – Thomas Fuller. Firmly believing in the motto, the department of Instrumentation...

Friday, 11 February 2022



The eight-episode series features renowned Chef Saransh Goila and DEWAR’S India Ambassador Myles Carroll

 Teaser: https://youtu.be/EjvfSZe53rA

DEWAR’S premium highball soda water announces the launch of its first-of-its-kind television series, DEWAR’S Highball Hour, which will be aired on FOODFOOD - an Indian food and lifestyle channel. Focusing exclusively on fine highball mocktails and tapas, the show comprises eight episodes hosted by the celebrated Chef - Saransh Goila and DEWAR’S India Ambassador - Myles Carroll. The duo educate viewers about the art of and nuances behind pairing delectable highball mocktails with the right finger foods.


The series will showcase Saransh whipping up appetizing food pairings which will then be paired with highball mocktail’s curated by Myles using the DEWAR’s Highball Soda Water, thereby highlighting how one can elevate the drinking experience. With a lot of tongue-in-cheek humour, the duo- Chef and Mixologist – will also engage in fun banter around key topics as well as how modern-day consumers can have a great time at home. 


Speaking about the show, Vijay Dev, Consumer Marketing Lead, Whiskies at Bacardi India said, “Innovative and premium, DEWAR’S is a brand that has always focused on creating an enhanced experience for its discerning consumers, thus, becoming an integral part of every occasion and celebration. And its latest offering, DEWAR’s Highball Soda Water, aims to do just that by lending an exceptional smoothness to any drink on the back of its unique double filtration process. Furthering this ethos, the brand has launched the Highball Hour TV series which aims to educate the audience about how to make highball mocktails, how to pair it with the right food, seasonal trends, among other things, thereby enabling an experience that consumers are seeking.”


Myles Carroll, DEWAR’S India Ambassador, Bacardi said, “Over the years, consumption preferences of consumers have evolved, and they’re open to exploring, experimenting and experiencing innovative ways in which they drink. Thus, through the Highball Hour show, we’re looking to engage with consumers and showcase the various highball mocktails they can enjoy, especially enriched with the DEWAR’S Highball Soda Water. I’m delighted to share the screen with Chef Saransh, who, with his unmatched skills, will help consumers learn how to pair these drinks with mouth-watering foods.”


Speaking about the partnership, Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, Founder and Owner FoodFood TV channel said, “We at FoodFood have always pushed envelope to create content that reflects consumer taste and preference. Our content is of the highest quality and continues to excel and excite our viewers since the inception. Through this show we bring the same excellence and our understanding of the consumer to the brand and our viewers. We are very happy to innovate content as part of our continued commitment as leaders in the food lifestyle television category.”


Chef Saransh Goila, the chef behind the delicious recipes said,” Excited to be presented with this fab opportunity by FoodFood to get my creative best out in curating dishes that pair well with drinks. As a community we love snacking and munching on food no matter what the occasion and usually we fall for the same set of appetisers. With Highball Hour we aim to change that and add a bit of freshness and fun into the viewers kitchen and table! It was such a pleasure to jam with DEWAR’S India Brand Ambassador Myles Caroll as he showed me some slick tricks to make mocktails cool again”.


DEWAR’S Highball Hour airs from February 11th at 9 pm on FoodFood. The show will also be available on FoodFood’s YouTube channel.

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