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Wednesday, 8 March 2023

Music Director C Sathya’s indie song ‘Penne Penne’ for International

 Music Director C Sathya’s indie song ‘Penne Penne’ for International Women’s Day

Music Director C Sathya has been ennobled as a gifted musician, who delivers loveable tracks in diversified genres. He has now created a beautiful indie song titled ‘Penne Penne’, for the special occasion of International Women’s Day, crooned by his daughters Sneha and Vaimu.

Music Director C Sathya says, “It’s a song made for the occasion of Women’s Day. Usually, society often speaks about women's empowerment and adoring womanhood, but everything remains confined to the verbal statement. In reality, the negativity still exists as we often come across mishaps involving harassment and abuse of women and even little girls. Hence, I wanted the lyrics to have negative shades, but in contrast, the music will have a lively pop album feeling. The thought behind this song was to give awareness to women.”

This song composed by C Sathya has lyrics with a deep meaning, and it talks about abuses faced by women in daily life but with the most soothing music, with just guitar and the beautiful voices of C. Sathya’s daughters Sneha & Vaimu.

Prabhakar is the director and cinematographer of this song, which features lyrics written by Lyricist Thozhan.

Jagan Raj & Manibarathi  (Associate Cinematographers), Adhitya Krishnamurthy (Editing), Veera Ragavan (DI), EVA (Makeup), and Yogesh (VFX) are the other technicians involved in the creation of this song.

Song Link -https://youtu.be/VyMedKa1jZY

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