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Thursday 5 January 2023

We Little' Clinic Calendar launched by Dr Shifa Samsudeen

     'We Little' Clinic Calendar launched by Dr Shifa Samsudeen, 

Amrita Samant, Shruti Nakul, Vijayalakshmi Ahathiyan to create awareness about Food is not the sole reason for Cavities

Traditional dental practices have been focusing on creating fear around food as the sole reason of cavities.  Children are suggested to either completely avoid the food, or undergo painful surgical procedures like drill / fill or removal of teeth to treat diseases. 

To create awareness on this MYTH WE Little, is launching its first edition 2023 calendar with the theme “Freedom to EAT”. The models are children treated at WE Little, and their positive emotions were captured eating their favourite foods through a photoshoot which are used on the calendar. Spreading an awareness through this calendar it’s not food that’s the sole reason. Proper functioning of orofacial muscles, establishing good posture of tongue, how the food is chewed play a major role in tooth cavities. 


It’s time to stop the fear in our children. We hope that through the coming years we bring themes to break the myth that, dentistry is all about letting the disease develop and then treat. Spread more awareness of functional and holistic way of preventing, intercepting and correcting craniofacial oral diseases. 

Various celebrities including Amrita Samant, Shruti Nakul, Vijayalakshmi Ahathiyan along with Dr.Shifa Samsudeen also participated in the launch of this calendar held in Mylapore, Chennai.

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