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Tuesday 8 August 2023

Masala Popcorn in association with White Feathers Studio present

Masala Popcorn in association with White Feathers Studio present

Filmmaker & Actor Ananth’s debut directorial

’Nanban Oruvan Vantha Piragu’ 

The multi-faceted icon of Tamil Cinema - Venkat Prabhu is elated to present the film ‘Nanban Oruvan Vantha Piragu’. 

Aishwarya, Founder, Masala Popcorn, says, “I worked as CEO in director Venkat prabhu’s Black Ticket Company that cultivated a lot of valuable and commendable experience towards management and production. Soon I developed an insatiable passion to create exclusive contents and that’s when the idea of launching my production house ‘Masala Popcorn’ happened.” 

She continues to add, “Maiden project is so important and special for every production house. In Masala popcorn , I trust a film should be big at heart , should be able to connect with us, make us laugh, cry, relate, at least should make us to relive a moment once. It was sheer surprise to see a beautiful project ‘Nanban Oruvan Vantha Piragu’ welcoming masala popcorn with positive vibes. We didn’t have to go through prolonged pursuit, it arrived at the right time. We came together. Made it happen. As the name of the movie goes, Everything happened only because of friendship here. The trust brought us this far and the awaited launch is not that far. Masala popcorn is proud to associate with white feathers studio for our maiden project #NOVP. We will be soon announcing the details about the film.” 

Director Venkat Prabhu says, “Very happy to present a film which made me nostalgic and took me back to my Chennai28 days!! A bunch of kids with great dreams and trying hard to make a mark in this wonderful industry! This just Reminded of us!!  Thanks to Aishwarya for identifying this bunch of talents and introducing them to me!! Nanban oruvan vantha piragu is a story about ur friends or may be even u! Soon we will bring it to you guys and make u relive the best days of ur life! This is a movie made by friends for all the friends out there.” 

Writer-Actor-Director Ananth says, “Aishwarya mam and Masala popcorn is truly the best thing that has happened to me and our film “Nanban oruvan vantha piragu”. Any creator would wish to have a producer and a production company that trusts us completely and stand by us in all situations and pushes us to do the best. Significantly, my wish was fulfilled beyond expectation by Aishwarya mam and the Masala popcorn company.”

The film has been shot across many engrossing locations in Chennai with major portions filmed in Singapore.  The makers mention that NOVP is a celebration of life and friendship, in all its true sense, the journey with Masala popcorn and Aishwarya mam is one such and hope to continue in future too. With lots of exciting surprises ahead , we look forward to have a great journey together and bring the film to theatres near you very soon .

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