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Thursday 5 October 2023

It all started with the deep trust and confidence we all shared within our team

 It all started with the deep trust and confidence we all shared within our team. From the day Ram Kumar narrated the script to the day of theatrical release, it’s been a phase of utmost dedication and hard work by the entire crew. 

As a producer, I had a strong belief that ‘Ratsasan’ is going to be a game-changer for everyone. And what surprised us was the reception from press-media friends and audiences, which exceeded our expectations. It’s been five years, and the memories in cinema halls with applause and appreciation keep resonating. It instilled the confidence to produce and present more content-driven films, which has become a ritual commitment of Axess Film Factory. 

I thank director Ramkumar for crafting an intriguing tale that left everyone soaked in its world of chills and thrills. I thank Vishnu Vishal for exerting his complete energy. I still remember his toughest moments during the shoot, where he had to tackle many hardships physically and mentally. But he completely eclipsed them with his dedication, thereby dedicating his heart and soul to the project. I thank Amala Paul, Munishkanth, Kaali Venkat , and everyone in the crew for their lovely support. Ghibran is another hero of this film, where his BGM escalated the complete premise of ‘Ratchasan’ to the greatest heights. I thank editor San Lokesh for his sleek cuts of editing and the entire cast and crew for their support. I thank the critics, journalists, YouTubers, Social Media bloggers, and film lovers, who unconditionally spread the best things about the film, thereby multiplying the crowds in the theaters. 

On this special occasion of its 5th anniversary, Axess Film Factory is happy to announce that the preparation works of ‘Ratsasan 2’ are in full swing, and the official announcements will be made sooner than expected. 

Thank You.

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