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Thursday 21 March 2024

A.R Rahman’s Soulful Track ‘Meharbaan O Rahmaan’ from The Goat Life

 A.R Rahman’s Soulful Track ‘Meharbaan O Rahmaan’ from The Goat Life Wins Hearts Across the Nation

The greatest-ever survival adventure and India’s biggest desert film, The Goat Life will be released in theatres near you on 28th March 2024, in five languages: Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada

NATIONAL, 21st March 2024: Following its masterful music launch in Kochi last weekend, The Goat Life this week released its magnetic music album, in 5 languages, across all streaming platforms. With Rahman’s melodies taking the internet by storm, the Goat Life team recently released the mesmerising music video for ‘Meharbaan O Rahmaan’. A soulful melody, a heart-wrenching call to the Almighty seeking his infinite grace, ‘Meharbaan O Rahmaan’ is a track filled with love, hope, grace and divinity, and the same is reflected through its music video. The song is composed, produced and arranged by music maestro A.R Rahman, beautifully penned by renowned lyricist Prasoon Joshi and sung by the extremely talented Jithin Raj.

With spectacular visuals of the unending desert, the beauty of the characters in the film and A.R Rahman passing through it all, visualising every moment; the music video encapsulates the soul of the film, the essence of which Rahman has trapped in his compositions as well. 

Speaking about the music of the film, A.R Rahman said, “The dream in the Blessy’s eyes made Aadujeevitham special for me. Sometimes stories are taken to the next level by people like him who do not compromise. He is almost like a father to the film and that is really inspiring. I want to thank Prasoon Joshi who wrote the Hindi version of Aadujeevitham and he did not charge for this due to his love for the script and Blessy sir. I scored this film three times as I was not satisfied with what I was giving. The score over the past 2 to 3 months has evolved so much. What we have now is what we all like. This movie is a story for all of us.”

Produced by Visual Romance, The Goat Life also features Hollywood actor Jimmy Jean-Louis, Indian actors like Amala Paul and K.R. Gokul, along with renowned Arab actors such as Talib al Balushi and Rik Aby in pivotal roles. The upcoming film’s music direction and sound design are helmed by Academy Award winners A.R. Rahman and Resul Pookutty, respectively. The stunning visuals of the film have been shot by Sunil KS, and they have been edited by A. Sreekar Prasad.  Being shot in multiple countries around the world, the film is the biggest-ever venture in the Malayalam film industry, setting new benchmarks in production standards, storytelling, and acting prowess. With exemplary performances and a soul-stirring background score, the film makes for a larger-than-life theatrical experience. 


About Visual Romance:

Visual Romance is a distinguished Indian film production house headquartered in Kerala, boasting a formidable national presence. In a short span of 7 years, the company has established itself as a creative powerhouse, leaving an indelible mark on the industry. Visual Romance achieved a milestone in the world of cinema with the production of "100 Years of Chrysostom," a documentary of unprecedented duration lasting 48 hours. Widely acclaimed and appreciated, this ground-breaking project secured a coveted place in the Guinness Book of World Records, marking Visual Romance's dedication to cinematic excellence. Founded by the visionary filmmaker Mr. Blessy Ipe Thomas, 

Visual Romance embodies his passion for storytelling and commitment to cinematic artistry. Blessy's craft has earned him significant recognition, including one National Film Award and an impressive count of six Kerala State Film Awards, establishing him as a luminary in Indian cinema. Under the adept leadership of Mr. Blessy Ipe Thomas, Visual Romance continues to shape the narrative of Indian cinema. With a focus on creativity, innovation, and a penchant for breaking records, Visual Romance is poised to contribute significantly to the evolving landscape of Indian filmmaking

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