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Tuesday 5 March 2024

Axess Film Factory G Dilli Babu presents

 *Axess Film Factory G Dilli Babu presents* 

*Debut filmmaker Mano Bharathi’s directorial* 

*Aishwarya Rajesh starrer “Valaiyam” launched with a ritual Pooja ceremony* 

The Tamil film industry has always been known for its support and recognition of young filmmakers and their fresh ideas. Producer G. Dilli Babu of Axess Film Factory is one such rare breed who has consistently encouraged and promoted these talented minds. Over 10 years including two years of pandemic, the production house has become the sanctuary for young and new filmmakers, who come up with fresh ideas. Some of his notable movies include Maragadha Nanayam,  Ratchasan, Oh My Kadavule, Bachelor and many more . His latest collaboration is with debut filmmaker Mano Bharathi, a graduate of DG Vaishnav College with experience in TV channels and media houses, as well as several successful short films, showcasing his directorial skills. He has now found the Midas-touch of producer G. Dilli Babu, who will be producing this film. 

The film titled “Valaiyam” is an action-packed thriller starring Aishwarya Rajesh as the protagonist, and newcomer Dev plays another titular role.

Producer G Dilli Babu, Axess Film Factory says, "We at Axess Film Factory have been journeying with a sheer vision to encourage and promote good contents. It's really delightful to see that in a span of 10 year, we have managed to create good entertainers. I thank the friends from film fraternity, press media and film enthusiasts, who had made this happen. We are happy to announce our new project, which will offer a great cinematic experience to all."

The shooting for this exciting project will primarily take place in Chennai, with some additional scenes filmed in the surrounding areas. Chethan, Tamizh, Pradeep Rudra, Harish Peradii, and Suresh Menon alongside few more prominent actors will be performing pivotal roles.

The crew behind the scenes includes Mahendra M. Henry, a former assistant to renowned Director of Photography R. Velraj, ensuring the visual aesthetics of the film are top-notch. The editing will be handled by Bhoopathy, who gained fame through his work on 'Oh My Kadavule'.

Adding to the film's appeal is the music direction by Michael Britto, known for his work on the acclaimed movie 'Lift'. The art direction will be taken care of by Pradeep, who has previously worked on various advertisements and has upcoming projects in his portfolio.

With such a talented team coming together, Valaiyam is sure to captivate audiences with its thrilling storyline, skilled filmmaking, and exceptional performances.

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