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 அனைவருக்கும் வணக்கம்... நண்பன் விஜய் கொரடூரில் புதியதாக கட்டியிருக்கின்ற சாய் பாபா கோவிலுக்கு அவரது தாயாருடன் இன்று சென்றேன். நான் ராகவேந்த...

Saturday 16 March 2024

Gajaana Team to offer a first-of-its-kind cinematic experience by bringing

 Gajaana Team to offer a first-of-its-kind cinematic experience by bringing alive the ‘Yali’ Creature on big screens

In today's age of growing Pan India cinema, a film is considered Pan India when it is released in multiple languages. However, true Pan India films go beyond mere languages, captivating audiences nationwide with their narrative and technological prowess. Gajaana stands as a testament to this, not only as a Pan India film, but also as a cinematic masterpiece with a storyline that resonates globally and breathtaking visual effects.

Gajaana' is shaping up as an exciting adventure movie featuring enchanting scenes of animals such as elephants, tigers, and snakes, comparable to the high standards set by Hollywood adventure classics like 'Indiana Jones' and 'National Treasure', boasting VFX sequences reminiscent of those seen in Hollywood blockbusters. Moreover, for the first time, the makers of this film will be bringing alive the animal creature ‘Yali’, which we have so far seen in caricatures and sculptures.

Yali, a prehistoric creature that no longer exists, holds great significance in Tamil history. Resembling a combination of an elephant and a lion, this Yali creature is also prominently depicted in temples of various other countries, including Sri Lanka, extending beyond South India. It is believed that the yali, being the central element of these sculptures, possessed the ability to devour even an elephant. Interestingly, despite its existence during the dinosaur era, no film has ever showcased this extraordinary animal.

The film crew of 'Gajaana' has successfully brought the Yali animal to life on screen for the first time, a creature we have previously only seen in sculptures and prints. It is impressive to note that they dedicated over 2 years to world-class VFX work in order to achieve this, Whole VFX works done by Greenscar VFX,

The entire team spared no expense in meticulously crafting the character of 'Yali' with unparalleled attention to detail and precision, in order to present a truly exquisite delight to the viewers, particularly the children. The makers are certain that youngsters who have adored dinosaurs thus far will surely rejoice in the majestic yali creature post viewing the cinematic masterpiece ‘Gajaana’.

Furthermore, the portrayal of the actors alongside the animals in the movie is remarkably lifelike. Notably, this marks the debut of actor Yogi Babu in engaging with animated figures. Despite a slight delay in the film's release caused by VFX enhancements, the VFX sequences are anticipated to be unparalleled, setting a new standard in Indian cinema.

Sharing this news delighted, the makers admit saying, "Whilst embarking on a grandiose global narrative, we were resolute in our belief that the film's caliber should transcend borders." Henceforth, we spared no expense nor exertion in meticulously crafting the visual effects sequences of this opus. Our fervent aspiration is that this audacious undertaking shall undoubtedly bestow a novel and unparalleled experience upon our ardent admirers. Moreover, if the film industry were to rally behind such audacious endeavors spearheaded by burgeoning producers such as ourselves, it would serve as a wellspring of encouragement and impetus to persist in our creative pursuits. Encouraged by the warm reception bestowed upon us by the esteemed Tamil cinema producers and theater owners, we are emboldened to embark upon such a distinctive venture. Thus, we ardently hope that the film industry shall extend its unwavering support to our magnum opus 'Gajaana', as well as to our cherished fans.”

Yogi Babu, Vedika, and Inigo Prabhakar, renowned for their comedic brilliance and captivating performances, grace the silver screen as the protagonists of this film. Alongside these illustrious actors, the late actor Prathap Pothan, Velu Prabhakaran, and Mottai Rajendran, among other esteemed stars, bring their immense talent to the forefront in pivotal roles. Furthermore, Chandhini's presence in action sequences, alongside Vedika, adds an enchanting allure and undeniable charm that captivates the hearts of fans.

Gajaana is produced by Four Square Studios, and is written and directed by Prabadish SAMZ.

Gajaana, is an action-packed comedy adventure movie that will appeal to the interests of audiences from all walks of life. Gajaana is scheduled for release in May as summer treat. Furthermore, the preproduction phase for ‘Gajaana 2’ is underway, and the official announcement on the shooting schedules will be revealed after the release of first part.

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