Monday, 23 March 2020

Indigo announces self-quarantine

As per the government advisory, aviation is an essential service and our colleagues in IndiGo are supporting passengers who have to travel during these days. We have taken every possible precaution for our crew to be protected from infection during their duties. We have adequate protocols for self-quarantine in place in case its required. We are in line with respect to the DGCA guidelines and all advisories/guidelines issued, and these are being followed rigorously.  
However, there are some instances when our employees have been ostracized from their communities as a result of their line of duty and travel history. The nation gave a standing ovation to the heroes for their fight against this pandemic on March 22. Our operational crew, in all areas, play an equally important role to keep vital services intact. Our colleagues have been working selflessly to serve the country at this critical juncture. Our employees have been the front-runners in bringing our citizens back to the country and enabling them to reach their hometowns even during restricted movements.
Please support our operating colleagues in such a difficult time.

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