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Monday 25 February 2019

Hindustan College of Arts & Science in HINDOTSAV 2019

Clouds over Hindustan College of Arts & Science rained the spirit of competition and the air in its campus had the fragrance of fight and fun for two days on 22nd  and 23rd February 2019. HINDOTSAV-2019, an Inter Collegiate Cultural Carnival saw the young minds from 50 colleges in and around Chennai jumping in to action to exhibit their talents galore.

On Stage events like Dual dance, Group Dance, Adapt tune, light music, Free Style battle, Adzap and Variety had thunderous performances that delighted the audience. Off Stage events like Treasure Hunt, Photography, Solo Singing, Face Painting, Block & Tackle, Channel surfing, Creative writing, Poster Making, Junk Art, RJ Hunt, VJ Hunt, Ship Wreck, Poster making, Vegetable carving, Rangoli, Wall painting, Meme Creation and Bridal Make-up were also conducted and the end results won a roaring applause from the onlookers.
Actress Aditi Balan (Aruvi Fame) was the Chief Guest for the Valedictory Function and Celebrity VJ Chitra (anchor) hosted the event. Judges were professional experts from different fields and they adjudged the events. Mr. Ravi Varma and Nobel Master (Group Dance), Ms. Aparna & Mr. Bamba Bakya (Solo Singing), Mr. David Bharath (Light Music), Mr. Karthik (Adapt Tunes), Mr. Boymadd Kuang (Freestyle battle), and Mr. Trichy Saravana Kumar (Variety) were some of the acumen judges who distributed the prizes for the winners.
The curtains of throbbing Hindotsav ‘19 came to a close with the same spirit of zest as a renowned actress, Ms. Aditi Balan, Actress graced the Valedictory Occasion. Dr. Susan Marthandan, Director, HCAS, Dr.V.J.Philip, Deputy Director – Academics, Dr. S. Thirumagan, Principal, and Mr. Samuel Sampath Kumar, Vice- Principal, HCAS honored the occasion with their presence.
The overall trophy was bagged by GURU NANAK COLLEGE and Runner Up was bagged by NEW PRINCE SRI BHAVANI ARTS AND SCIENCE.

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