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Thursday 21 February 2019

Bombay Brasserie continues its Culinary Journey Across the Country as it Arrives in VR Mall, Chennai

This February, rediscover India through a culinary journey at Bombay Brasserie. Sample small plates or indulge in paired curries, from an eclectic selection that marries the familiar with the unexpected and serves up the very best of India’s ingredients to the armchair traveller.

Bombay Brasserie continues its culinary journey with the launch of its 3rd outlet in Chennai on 20th February 2019, after successfully establishing the brand in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata and Lucknow with an all-day dining format from 12 to 12.

Mr Kabir on Bombay Brasseri on explosion of flavor for youngsters with Indian Cuisine:

The Food

Sample small plates or indulge in large ones, from an eclectic selection that marries the familiar with the unexpected, and serves up the very best of India’s ingredients to the armchair traveler.
From the small plates menu, the Marathi Jhinga Mirch made with Thecha, Naga Ghost Pepper Wings, tangy wings dusted with Bhoot Jolokia or the flavourful Bengali Panch Phoran Chicken are a few favourites that are reinvented while retaining their authentic soul.

Mrs Shikha Nath, Brand Director, Bombay Brasserie, of K Hospitality Corp says, “Bombay Brasserie focuses on flavours that have never been tried before, twisting traditional recipes to suit today’s tastes. We use regionally-sourced ingredients, like aam papad from Amritsar, kashundi from Bengal and malwani masala from the Konkan belt. After much research and trial, the menu showcases recipes from across India that are completely unique. Your culinary journey begins here, at Bombay Brasserie.” 

The High Chai
To make your evenings merrier, Bombay Brasserie also introduces an innovative “High Chai” menu, for those late luncheons, kitty parties and leisurely conversations. The menu offers a perfect selection of desi mocktails, indigenous Indian teas with accompaniments like Bun-Paos, Bombay Toasties, Chaats, Small Plates and Roti-Roll-Parathas.

The Space
Exposed ceilings, vast glass expanses and the white marble bar create a contemporary vibe, and are the perfect canvas for the vivid mosaic floors and scattered, singular objects that pepper the space. Signature graphics across the restaurant hint at the gastronomic journey in store. Fresh and vibrant, the interiors reflect what this brasserie is all about: a joyful space where friends and family gather over good conversation and great food.

 The People

Mrs. Shikha Nath on Bombay Brasserie Newest Outlet at VR Mall:

Bombay Brasserie VR Chennai is operated by Mukug Foods Pvt Ltd, which is our local franchisee in Chennai.

Bombay Brasserie has 9 locations across India through different franchises in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Delhi, Lucknow and of, course Chennai.

Bombay Brasserie is owned by K Hospitality Corp, a hospitality and food services corporation that operates over 400+ locations in India, across restaurants, bars, cafes, food courts, banqueting, outdoor catering, travel F&B, and other sectors of the F&B industry in India. K Hospitality Corp was founded in 1972, and is now one of the largest F&B operators in the country across all major verticals in the F&B industry. To learn more about K Hospitality Corp, please visit: www.k-hospitality.com

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