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Saturday 23 February 2019

Princess of UAE addresses public of Ambur on Women Empowerment

The Anaikar Group of Institutions, a 52-year-old trust which runs six schools and a hospital in Chennai and Ambur organised a prestigious event celebrating women empowerment on Friday. Princess of the royal family of UAE,  Sheikha Hend Faisal Al Qassemi addressed about 5000 people including teachers, students and parents on the status of women in the society and the need for the upliftment of women. 

Hend Faisal Al Qassemi is a published journalist within newspapers and international magazines, and an accomplished author of a best-selling book, The Black Book of Arabia that is published by Bloomsbury and the Editor-in-Chief of a luxury fashion publication, Velvet Magazine. She is also an active charity supporter and philanthropist. 

Addressing the audience, she said, "Women and men empowerment must go hand in hand, they must help each other in improving each other. Emirates was a very poor country 40 years ago, what made it rich today is not the oil, but education. Invest in a child's mind, no matter the generation and the country will prosper for generations. I want you all women to be proud of what you do and stand for your daughter's education." The princess also laid the foundation stone for Anaikar Auditorium at the same premises.

Green Man of India, K.Abdul Ghani who was the guest of honour presented Rs.10,000 cash prize to Kashifa Nowreen for best logo. Other than this, the princess presented Meritorious Service for Anaikar Institutions certificate and awards to principals of the schools including  Mujeebunnisa, Naseema Sultana, Nasreen Begum, Sheik Abdul Nazer,  V. N.Khalilullah and Kashifa Nowreen.

Secretary and spokesperson of Anaikar groups of Trusts, Mohammed Anaikar said, "We are a 60-year old trust. Through our school, we provide education at a subsidized fee and also ensure scholarships. Of the six schools, two schools offer education at free of cost. We have provided education for more than one lakh students to date. Our educational institutions provide smart classes, well-equipped laboratories, transportation facility, full-fledged library with a safe environment and our boys and girls have been achieving state and district level top ranks regularly."

Also, Free NEET coaching is provided for girl students who are scoring good marks in board exams. Since they don’t have a Medical college, they sponsor for free Education for those students who pass out NEET. The entire course fees and hostel fees are sponsored by the institution.

Talking about the importance of such events highlighting women empowerment, Mohammed added, The awareness on the education of women and their upliftment is very little, so women face a lot of challenges from the society right from their childhood. Public seminars like this that throw light on women emphasis will sensitize the public and help women come out of the shell.

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