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Thursday 12 August 2021

NIT Tiruchirappalli Institute Day 2021 on 14 Aug 2021 through Online mode

NIT Tiruchirappalli Institute Day 2021 will be celebrated on the 14th of Aug 2021 to recognize the achievements of students, faculty, and meritorious students across all departments.This year,
Dr GOVINDAN RANGARAJAN,Director Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru has kindly consented to be the chief guest. Shri Bhaskar Bhat, chairman of the governing body, will preside over the function in the presence of the director Dr.(Mrs.) Mini Shaji Thomas. Complying with the COVID-19 protocols, the event will have limited dignitaries on the dais and will be streamed online.

YouTube Live Streaming Link:https://youtu.be/rYkOgMVtqxA

Program Schedule:

11.30 AM                                        INVOCATION

Welcome Address                           P. KAMALESH KHANNA, Student President,2020-21,

Academic Achievements                Dr RAMAKALYAN AYYAGARI, Dean (Academic)

Director’s Address                          Dr (Mrs.) MINI SHAJI THOMAS, Director, 

Institute Address                            Dr GOVINDAN RANGARAJAN, Director,
Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru

Chairman’s Address                      Shri.BHASKAR BHAT, Chairperson, Board of
Governors NIT, Tiruchirappalli

Felicitation of Achievers

Vote of Thanks                          FATHIMA MAHA, Student Vice President, 2020-21

A copy of the press release in English and Tamil version is enclosed.

Link for the invitation:

For more details contact:

Dr A Ramakalyan Ayyagari, Dean (Academic), NIT, Tiruchirappalli M.No

Dr N Sivakumaran, Convenor, PRM, ID 2020, M No 9443745705

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