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Saturday 11 February 2023

Popular Lyricist, Author, Screenplay Writer and Innovator of several new initiatives like

Popular Lyricist, Author, Screenplay Writer and Innovator of several new initiatives like 'Doopaadoo' Madhan Karky and well-known Producer-Distributor, Founder-Director of BOFTA Film Institute, G. Dhananjayan have joined hands to launch a new initiative, first ever in India, a Ready-to-Shoot Script Bank under the name 'SCRIPTick'.*

*SCRIPTick is officially launched today by Legendary Filmmaker ‘Iyakkunar Imayam’ Thiru Bharathirajaa, who unveiled the initiative and went live with the website www.scriptick.in.* 

SCRIPTick is formed to offer Producers and Filmmakers, carefully shortlisted, curated, fully developed, and fine-tuned scripts (screenplays with dialogue) from talented Script Writers, which are ready to go for a shoot and at the same time, offer great opportunities to talented Script Writers to reach out to Producers and Filmmakers with their script through SCRIPTick. 

Currently, a large number of scripts are being taken up for production without adequate due diligence on their worthiness by screenplay experts and hence we see a high percentage of failures of new films every year. Scripts offered by SCRIPTick would have gone through that rigor of verification for their worthiness by a team of experienced screenwriters, filmmakers, and experts. Hence Producers can be reasonably sure that the scripts acquired from SCRIPTick would work well with the audience when they are made as feature films or web series.

*Why SCRIPTick?*

Content is King is the most quoted line in film business. Great scripts are the backbone of great films for decades and good scripts never fail to achieve success with audience. However, the challenge for producers and filmmakers is finding such great scripts and hence compromises are often made to proceed with whatever is found to be good.

221 new films were released in Tamil in the year 2022. Out of them, only around 30 were considered as good content by the audience and got due recognition. An additional point is not even one failed film during 2022 (over 170 films failed out of the total 221) was of good content, which proves that good content never fails to get recognition from audience and critics. 

In a recent Twitter survey, when the audience were asked the reasons for the failure of 90% of films (especially small and medium budgeted) to connect with the audience, the following were the results from over 9,600 voters:  Poor Script/Screenplay – 61%, Poor Release/Promotion – 24%, Bad Filmmaking/Production – 10% and Wrong Star cast/Team – 5%. As expected, a large number of voters (61%) stated poor script/screenplay as the reason for the failure of films. Many commented that a good script will never fail to connect with audience too. 

However, the big question is where can one find good scripts/screenplays? Is it readily available or how difficult to identify a good script?  

Recently, popular Producer Mr. S.R. Prabhu of Dream Warrior Pictures has shared an analysis of the number of synopses they received during the period August to December 2022 and how many out of them were shortlisted for the next stage: His team received 814 synopses in various genres during this period, and out of them, only 43 were chosen for the next stage to read their full scripts (just 5% of synopses received).

Team SCRIPTick which has been evaluating scripts for years has no different experience. Out of 106 full-bound scripts read by the team during 2022, only 4 were selected for their merits and taken up for the next stage of discussion with artists for Production.

The above data clearly explains that only 4 or 5% of the scripts pitched by Script Writers have merit to be considered for production. But is there anyone/team who can help to shortlist such good scripts (4 or 5%) and present to Producers for quicker approval and production?

SCRIPTick is being launched to meet this need gap by introducing a Script Bank that will offer carefully shortlisted, curated, fully developed and fine-tuned scripts (screenplays with dialogue) from talented Script Writers, that are ready to go for the shoot. 

In addition to the founders Madhan Karky and G. Dhananjayan, team SCRIPTick is headed by Screenplay expert ‘Karundhel’ Rajesh and will have Filmmakers, Screenplay writers and Experts. The team will also be offering several other services like Script Consultancy (Script Evaluation/Doctoring), Script Rating, Script Curating, Script Pitching and few other services which will be additional support to script writers.

More details on SCRIPTick and its services are explained in detail in the newly launched website www.scriptick.in . The website is developed to offer details in both English and Tamil, depending on the language comfortable for the readers to go through. Video presentations are also included.

Commenting on the launch of SCRIPTick, Co-Founder Madhan Karky stated 'I am very excited to partner with G. Dhananjayan to launch this new initiative, which is the need of the hour as with the expectations of audience increasing higher and higher, stories offered need to be stronger and exceeding the expectations of the audience. To offer such path-breaking scripts, SCRIPTIck is a collective initiative we are launching, which we are confident will be beneficial to Producers, Script Writers, and the film industry as a whole. We are hopeful our services will be made use of by everyone associated with the film industry.'

G. Dhananjayan, Co-Founder of SCRIPTick expressed his happiness by stating that 'It is a proud moment to partner with Madhan Karky, who is a pioneer in many ways to bring out this new initiative SCRIPTick, which was brewing as an idea with me for many years as a service to film industry. Producers all along have to go through hundreds of synopsis or scripts to select the one they wish to produce. To cut short that effort and make it easier for them to choose, SCRIPTick is being launched with the involvement of experts. We are confident, this will be a pioneering initiative, that will help everyone in the film industry.'

‘Iyakkunar Imayam’ Thiru Bharathirajaa, who unveiled SCRIPTick – Script Bank today highly appreciated the initiative and given his comments in the video link attached:


 SCRIPTick begins its journey with 14 ready-to-shoot scripts in the bank (10 original screenplays by various script writers, 1 adaptation script and 3 remake scripts) and expecting to add more in the coming months from script writers.

SCRIPTick, a Ready-to-Shoot Script Bank will be a pioneering initiative for the first time in the country, and the team is confident that it will surely change the way scripts are chosen by Producers/Filmmakers in the years to come, that will benefit script writers in a big way.

Visit: www.scriptick.in  ; Mail ID: contact@scriptick.in ,

WhatsApp/call the Team at: 90030-78000/90030-79000; 

Promotions: Nikil Murukan (98400 77270)

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