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Thursday 9 March 2023

Madras Studios & Anshu Prabhakar Films presents Filmmaker Igore directorial,

 Madras Studios & Anshu Prabhakar Films presents Filmmaker Igore directorial,

Hansika Motwani starrer “Man'

Production house Madras Studios, has churned out remarkable Tamil films like 96, Romeo Juliet, Kalaba Kadhalan, and many is currently producing a film Anshu Prabhakar films, featuring Hansika Motwani in the lead role. The film titled ‘Man’, is directed by Igore (Kalaba Kadhalan fame), and features Aari Arjunan as the villain for the first time.

Sharing the reason behind titling this film ‘Man’, director Igore says, “Manhood or Manliness has become an egoistic element.  Precisely, it has developed a fake identification, a male chauvinist ideology that is all about confronting and dominating women. This is the reason behind the title ‘Man’, which involves the rebellious battle of a woman against this very nature. Hansika Motwani has delivered an excellent performance in this film, and the audience will experience a never-seen-before Hansika. Aari Arjunan plays the antagonist in this film, and his dedication and performance is so extraordinary. It takes a lot of guts on his part to play such a negative role” 

Man is an edge-of-seat, scary psychological thriller that features a musical score by Ghibran and cinematography by Manikandan, who worked as assistant DOP in ‘96’. Sharanya Bhagyaraj has written a screenplay that will keep the audiences glued to the screens from the beginning till the end. Pon Parthiban has penned very intense dialogues for the film. The action sequences of the film have been handle by Stunt Directors Knife Naren & Prabhu.

Director Igore has attempted incorporating the elements of Sigmund Freud’s theory involving the psychology behind the egoistic concept of ‘Manhood’. 

The shooting of the final schedule of ‘Man’ is in progress.

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