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Friday 14 April 2023

For the first time in India, a new OTT platform all set to be launched on a pan-India scale

 *For the first time in India, a new OTT platform all set to be launched on a pan-India scale to promote debutant filmmakers and low-budget movies*

*Entrepreneur Rajesh Khanna and Tech Entrepreneur Sudhakar Cholangathevar to float MSF (Movie Super Fans) OTT*

A new OTT platform will soon be launched as a first-of-its-kind pan-India initiative to promote talented new filmmakers and low-budget movies.

Named MSF (Movie Super Fans), the OTT platform will be launched by Entrepreneur Rajesh Khanna and Tech Entrepreneur and OTT platform expert Sudhakar Cholangathevar.

Commenting on this novel initiative, Rajesh Khanna said, "Many OTT platforms are there today across the world. Most of these platforms mainly focus on films starring, directed or produced by famous names. Movies by debutant directors, actors or new producers are featured less on leading OTT platforms. With MSF (Movie Super Fans), our aim is to create a platform for such creators. Justifying the name of this OTT platform, MSF will act as a destination for fans who enjoy good movies."

Sharing his thoughts on the new platform, Sudhakar Cholangathevar said, "MSF (Movie Super Fans) will bring content by new creators in all languages in India by working with the creators at the ground level. It will emerge as a platform for fans and creators to celebrate the good content beyond the physical boundaries."


G K Tirunavukarasu, Co-Founder of ProducerBazaar.com, which has tied up with MSF for content licensing, said, "the unique initiative will be encouraging for this generation, which is moving towards creator economy. Two stalwarts coming together for MSF OTT platform will lead to a positive change in the industry."

Construction of MSF platform with modern technology is taking place in full swing and has reached its final stage. Services of this OTT are expected to commence very soon.  

To start with as Phase 1, MSF has acquired the regional dubbing streaming rights of English movies including Night Drive, SpaceWalker, Heroic Losers, The Heist of the Century, Shorta, Run Hide Fight, I Remember You Breaking Surface, The Sunlit Night, The Tunnel, Fear of Rain, Martyrs Lane, How to Make Out, Gatecrash, Girl With A Bracelet, 32, Malasana Street, and Bandookiya (Marathi), Sataracha Salaman (Marathi), Gowri (Malyalam), and Aayudham (Telugu). 

Work is on to acquire the streaming rights of many more titles. 

For More Details Contact: 7200093975/9940150708


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