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Wednesday 26 April 2023



A 9th-grade student from a Kakinada government school, Lakshmi Varshitha, hurt her leg bone in an accident while returning from school and she was hospitalized in a private hospital in Kakinada.  

Lakshmi’s parents were very much concerned about her injury and consulted a reputed private hospital in Kakinada. During the consultation, the doctors identified that she has undergone a fracture in the lower end of the fibula condyle and tibial condyle leading to multiple fractures, the doctors suggested for a surgical fixation of the fractured fragments.

Lakshmi's parents obliged to the surgery. However, the surgery did not turn fruitful. As a result, it led to complete bed rest and was unfortunately unable to go to school. On re-consultation, doctors advised another surgery, which Lakshmi's parents weren't ready due to their financial constraints.

Lakshmi's neighbors suggested her family to take the child to Coromandel hospital for consultation. She was taken in wheel chair to Coromandel hospital, where the doctors advised Physiotherapy and general medication. Dr. A.V. Joseph, Physiotherapist, suggested exercises like stretching, Gait, and Physio exercises based on her situation. 

After a month, the parents were delighted to see their child slowly bending her knee. Simultaneously, Dr. Murali Krishna, MD, General Medicine, said that after the first surgery the wound wasn't completely healed, so he prescribed the medicines required and advised the nurse to dress the wound daily.

Within a few days of her medication in Coromandel hospital, Lakshmi, who came to the hospital in a wheelchair with a fracture, is now able to walk back on her feet and even bend her knee to squat. Lakshmi's mother is very happy with the treatment that her daughter completely recovered after 2 months. She thanked everyone at the Coromandel hospital with tears of Happiness.

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