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Tuesday 25 April 2023

The 30th Biennial Federal Council Meeting 2023 of NFI FWI(National Insurance Field Workers of India), the Development Officers' Unit of

 The 30th Biennial Federal Council Meeting 2023  of NFI FWI(National Insurance Field Workers of India), the Development Officers' Unit of L. I. C. of India, was held at Chennai Trade Centre on the  18th & 19th of April in which about 4000 Development Officers from all over the country participated.

The grand gala event was flagged off by the Hon. Minister of State for Finance, Dr. Bhagwat Kishan Rao Karat, Sri. Gajendra Singh Shekhawat, Hon. Minister for Jal Sakthi, Sri. Vinay Babu, All India President, NFIFWI, Sri. Vivek Singh, Secretary General, NFIFWI. 

Sri. G. Venkataramanan, Zonal Manager, R. Chandar, Regional Manager- L.I.C. of India were also present on the occasion.

The objective of the F. C. Meeting was to analytically deliberate and discuss various developments that have engulfed the cadre of Development Officers of L. I. C. of India pre & post Covid -19 scenario as well as since IPO which has brought in a sea of changes in the Insurance Industry. The issues pertaining to policy holders, rendering better services on the merit of technological developments.

In his address, Sri. Vivek Singh explained about the various steps taken towards the implementation of objectives of NFIFWI towards betterment of services to the public at large and to the policyholders in specific. He made a specific mention about L. I. C. maintaining nearly 75% of the Market Share despite competition from private players.

In his speech, Dr. Bhagwat mentioned 

that the need of the hour was to Reform to Perform better. He spoke about L. I. C. serving the Nation for 67 years and NFIFWI' s role play for 66 years!

He quoted the Hon. Prime Minister's slogan - 

1. Banking to unbanking to increase & improve banking

2. Funding to unfunded areas for growth, 

3. Insuring the Uninsured.

While addressing the huge gathering, Sri. Gajendra Singh Shekhawat hailed

 L. I. C. for its exemplary services to the Nation while providing Insurance Cover while living as well as after that! He also applauded the phenomenal role play of the cadre of Development Officers in executing it.

While speaking on the occasion, Sri. Vinay Babu touched upon the issues faced by the cadre of Development Officers and the purpose of this F. C. Meeting with the agenda of resolving the problems in hand with the Management of

 L. I. C.

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