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Sunday 18 June 2023

On behalf of KMH Production, "PAAYUM OLI NEE YENAKKU" is produced by

 *On behalf of KMH Production, "PAAYUM OLI NEE YENAKKU" is produced by Karthik Chowdhary. Vikram Prabhu romances Vani Bhojan in this movie. Debutant Karthik Adwait has directed this movie. Music is composed by Sagar.*

*SP Cinemas Shankar & Kishore releases this movie.*

*The Trailer launch of "PAAYUM OLI NEE YENAKKU" was done Recently in Chennai.*

*Kishore's words:*

I've watched PAAYUM OLI NEE YENAKKU movie and like it very much.

For that, I foremost thank Director Karthik Adwait and Hero Vikram Prabhu. They have given me an opportunity to release this movie. This is a movie most apt to watch on the big screen. It is getting released next week. We need all your support. Thanks.

*Lyricist Karthik Netha's words:*

Love, should shine like flame. This is the essence of PAAYUM OLI NEE YENAKKU. A line from Barathiyar's poem. I have no doubt that this movie will only have ascension like a flame. Our hearts will be filled with Love when we watch this movie. Let's show that Love to others.

*Director of Photography Sridhar's words:*

Greetings to the press who always support movies with good content. I had only 3 Assistant Cinematographers who worked throughout this movie. I thank them foremost. Because, despite of having massive action sequences, shooting of this movie was done during night hours only. So many equipments and cameras were used. And, a effective team was needed to handle it properly. My Assistants supported me very well. Now, about director Karthik Adwait. This is a script written especially to show a cinematography's work. It was equally an opportunity and very challenging for me to visualise a person with unique visual impairment. Hero Vikram Prabhu, Heroine Vani Bhojan and all other supporting actors were very sincere. They will be on the spot with makeup on time. Working a devious 180 hours during the final days of shooting is a big thing. Vikram Prabhu's dedication inspired us to put more effort and work effectively. Stunt scenes in this movie was shit for over 40 days. The climax scene in this movie involving Vikram Prabhu was constructed inbetween mirrors. It will be a highlight of this movie.

*Editor C.S.Premkumar's words:*

Vikram Prabhu has acted exceptionally. Music, Stunt sequences, and songs has been shot and come out really very well. I wish the team for the movie's success.

*Stunt Master Dinesh Kasi 's words:*

I have worked as a fighter with Vikram Prabhu sir for numerous films in the past. This is Movie I have had 40 days schedule for stunt sequences in my first movie. Vikram Prabhu was required to perform in stunt sequences in the likes of a visually impaired person. Keeping this in mind, precise attention was needed to choreograph the stunts. All sequences has come out very well. Vikram Prabhu sir has put in a lot of hard work. Movie has come out very well. All your support is needed. Thanks.

*Actress Vani Bhojan's words:*

Even during narration, I like the script very much. I desired to act with Vikram Prabhu for a long time. I really liked Vikram's acting and fight sequences in this movie. Cameraman has shown me beautifully. I ask for all your support. Thank you.

*Vikram Prabhu's words:*

I am very happy to have put in a lot of hard work along with this really good team. Director Karthik has lot of passion towards Cinema. We have travelled for so long. D.O.P. Sridhar has well understood his responsibility in this movie and worked really well. It could be understood through his speech. I would never forget the experience I gained through this movie.  I remember Karthik's words, what is seen isn't necessary to be true and what cannot be seen isn't necessary to be false. On this basis, he has written this script. Those lines, has deep meaning. Vani Bhojan has acted beautifully in this movie. Kannada hero Dhananjaya has perceived the script well and performed accordingly. Movie has come out really well. It'll be a good experience to watch it in theatres. I have known Stunt Master Dinesh Kasi from Ivan Vera Maathiri times. He has composed and shot fight sequences really well. This is a movie close to my heart. I thank Kishore for releasing this movie. I believe we have given a good movie. I ask for all of your support. Thank you.

*Director Karthik Adwait's words:*

I come from Hyderabad. When I met Vikram Prabhu for the first time and narrated the script, he listened to it with keen interest. I felt encouraged already. I don't know if debut director will get support as I did from Vikram Prabhu and the team. So, I thank them for supporting me. I thank our heroine Vani Bhojan. I especially thank my DOP Sridhar for understanding and visualising my ideas and thoughts really well. I thank Stunt Master Dinesh Kasi for understanding Hero's character and choreographing the sequences accordingly. Our movie has a total of 9 fight sequences which individually differentiates itself according to the situation. I heartily thank our editor C.S.Premkumar, dance master Dhastha, and Kishore for releasing this movie.

During the event, the movie team celebrated by cutting a cake for P.R.O. Union head Diamond Babu's birthday.


Written and Direction - Karthik Adwait 

D.O.P. - Sridhar 

Editor - C.S.Premkumar

Music Director - Sagar

Art Director - P.L. Subenthar

Stunt - Dinesh Kasi

Lyricist - Karthik Netha

Dance Choreography - Dhastha

Makeup - Sekar

PRO - Diamond Babu,Sathish (AIM)

Stills - Murugadoss

Publicity Design - REDDOT Pawan

DI Colorist - Ranga

Costume Designer - Tina

Production Banner - KARTHIK MOVIE HOUSE

Worldwide Release - SP Cinemas

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