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Wednesday 21 June 2023

When actress Sunaina got emotional and broke into tears during the ‘Regina’ Pre-Release Press Meet in Kerala*

 *When actress Sunaina got emotional and broke into tears during the ‘Regina’ Pre-Release Press Meet in Kerala*

Producer Sathish Nair of Yellow Bear Production is embarking on a journey as a producer in Tamil cinema with the film ‘Regina’. The film features Sunaina as the protagonist, directed by Domin D’Silva, and is produced by Sathish Nair, who has composed music as well. The film is all set for the worldwide theatrical release on June 23, and the entire team is busy promoting it all over Tamil Nadu, Andhra, and Kerala. 

 A promotional Pre-Release event was held in Cochin that witnessed the presence of producer Sathish Nair, Actress Sunaina, director Domin D’Silva, Malayalam actor Sarath Appani and many others in the technical crew. The event also had the presence of producer Sathish Nair’s elder brother Pradeep Nair, a famous writer of critically-acclaimed stories and director of National-award winning documentaries, who delivered the welcome speech. 

Speaking on the occasion, actress Sunaina said, “I thank both the producer Sathish Nair and Director Domin D’Silva for giving me this opportunity. Director told me that he developed the idea of casting me for the lead character after watching my performance in the movie Sillukarupatti.” 

She continued to add, “While watching some of my videos here, I get reminded of my younger version, who dreamt of all this with excitements and hopes. I feel blessed.” (Saying this, she got emotional with her eyes moistened). I feel gifted for getting the love, affection, and support of my family and Tamil audiences. I am grateful to all of them, and I owe them a lot. Regina will be one of the most important films in my career. It’s because, during the year 2018, I got mentally exhausted as everyone started advising on my acting career. It was during that point of time, I decided that I will do what I feel is convincing to my heart and mind. And the projects that I chose with this motto opened new gates for me.” 

“I acted in a web series titled ‘Nila Nila Odi Vaa’. During that point in time, the audiences weren’t prepared for accepting web series as our region was more inclined to TV serials. However, I liked the script of this web series and decided to be a part of it. After this, I strongly decided on choosing what really appeal to my interests. Later, I acted in the Tamil movie Sillu Karupatti and the Telugu movie Raja Raja Chora, which had unique scripts and offered me the scope to establish myself as a good performer. Regina will be the latest one to join this league. I want to be a part of movies like Regina, and I will continue to act in movies that will satisfy audiences with different roles and scripts.” 

“Regina is all about the battles of challenges of an ordinary homemaker, whose life takes a Topsy-Turvy turn unexpectedly. While watching the film, I felt like entering the world of Regina.”  

The producer of this film, Satish, has also shown his talent as a music composer. He has brought life to Regina's heart with his music. No matter how he continues his journey in this film industry whether as a producer or music composer in the coming days, he has a great future ahead of him.

Cinematographer Pavi K. Pawan and I had the issue of getting lost in translation during the shoot due to linguistic problems, but the working chemistry between us matched beautifully. Malayalam fans are very important to me and Kochi always makes me feel at home.”

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