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Thursday 27 July 2023

Academy award-winning Music Director MM Keeravani and Lyricist Vairamuthu

Academy award-winning Music Director MM Keeravani and Lyricist Vairamuthu create songs for Gentleman 2

Iconic playback singer Jayachandran honors MM Keeravani in Kerala

Lyricist Vairamuthu is elated about an unforgettable experience after 12 years

*Producer K.T. Kunjumon creates an exquisite ambiance to record songs for ‘Gentleman 2’*

Mega-producer ‘Gentleman’ K.T. Kunjumon created a revolution in Tamil cinema churning out commendable blockbuster hits, produced at a grand scale. He titled his film ‘Gentleman’ in 1993, introducing filmmaker Shankar. After 30 years, he is making a movie titled ‘Gentleman 2’. The pre-production work for this film is now in full swing. 

Winning international honors including an Academy Award for his spellbinding score of ‘Naatu Nattu’ in RRR, MM Keeravani is now composing music for this film. A. Gokul Krishna directs this film and Kaviperarasu writes the lyrics. Ajayan Vincent handles the cinematography, and Thota Tharani oversees the artwork. 

The song-composing session for this film commenced on July 19 at Bolgatty Palace in Kochi and was held for nearly one week. 

Producer K.T. Kunjumon organized a grand welcome ceremony for MM Keeravani in Kochi. Unfortunately, it had to be called off due to the sudden and unexpected demise of K.T. Kunjumon’s close friend and former Kerala CM Thiru. Umman Chandi. 

However, the well-known producer, who belongs to the exquisite God’s own country wanted to honor the musical icon in his native. To honor MM Keeravani, he chose Jayachandran, who has been his close friend for 40 years. 

Instantly, he made arrangements to invite Jayachandran to the Bolgatty Palace. Both K.T. Kunjumon and lyricist Vairamuthu welcomed him with profound reverence and respect. 

With Keeravani's arrival, Jayachandran honored him with the traditional ‘Ponnaadai’. Nonetheless, the Oscar-winning Music Director came forward saying, “You’re such a legend and my Guru. We all grew up inspired by your work. It’s me who honors you.” Later, K.T. Kunjumon acknowledged MM Keeravani, Vairamuthu, Jayachandran, and director A. Gokul Krishna. 

During this occasion, playback singer Jayachandran recollected his golden memories with them. He also spoke about the last song with Vairamuthu titled ‘Kannaththil Muthamittal’ that won him a National award. 

Both MM Keeravani and Vairamuthu expressed their gratitude to KT Kunjumon for making their 6 days of song-composing sessions so memorable. On the final day of their stay, they were offered a delicious traditional Kerala food feast. 

Lyricist Vairamuthu said, “There were times when song composing happened in the presence of producer, director, music director, and lyricist together. After so many years, it is gratifying to see it happen through this film. This scenario is much in need of our industry now. It’s been 12 years since such an occasion. With all of us coming together for a composing session, the songs came out very well. 

It’s an honor to work with such a remarkable personality like MM Keeravani. As a result of the song-composing session, I felt great satisfaction, and I returned home to Chennai with contentment. It was never a working experience, but a leisure trip, and all credit belongs to K.T. Kunjumon sir for creating such an experience.” 

Currently, 3 songs have been composed, and the other tracks will be composed soon. The official announcement of the movie launch and shooting schedule will be made soon.

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