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Tuesday 18 July 2023

Aruna Sairam crowns Indian music on international arena by getting felicitated

Aruna Sairam crowns Indian music on international arena by getting felicitated with the coveted Chevalier award, the highest honour of the French government, on July 15

Aruna Sairam feels elated and proud to have got this honorary award  bestowed upon her favourite actor, Nadigar Thilakam Sivaji Ganesan

It is well known that Smt. Aruna Sairam who is weaving magic and creating wonders with her music is fondly called by her fans as the Rock Star of the Carnatic world.

Aruna Sairam, who won prestigious awards such as Padma Shri and Sangeetha Kalanidhi in the past, has now brought great honour not only to herself and Carnatic music but also to our country by receiving the France's highest award, the world-renowned Chevalier, on July 15.

We all know that Nadigar Thilakam Sivaji Ganesan received this award before. A huge fan of the legendary actor, Aruna Sairam Sivaji Ganesan is proud to receive the award as her greatest honour.

She walks down the memory lane and fondly remembers watching the films of Sivaji Ganesan in Mumbai theaters from a young age. 

A Carnatic singer, music composer and orator, Aruna Sairam has expressed heartfelt thanks to her fans on receiving the highest honour of Chevalier from the French government.

It is noteworthy that Aruna Sairam has been selected for this award not only for her singing talent but also for her contribution to the deepening of India-France ties.

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