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Tuesday 1 August 2023

Arulnithi’s much anticipated “Demonte Colony 2” gets a Grand Golden Touch With

Arulnithi’s much anticipated “Demonte Colony 2” gets a Grand Golden Touch With BTG Universal ! 

Top-League Software Giant Mr. Bobby Balachandran Turns Producer by acquiring the entire rights of Demonte Colony 2.

Globalization in the world of entertainment media has been encouraging many entrepreneurs, especially from the world of the software industry to take up showbiz passionately. Today economists and trade circles have acknowledged the media industry as a highly bankable business. Significantly, this has enabled many leading high-profile business icons to kick-start their media production venture. The latest one to join this league is Mr. Bobby Balachandran, President/Chief Executive Officer & Founder of Exterro, a leading multinational SaaS Unicorn in Cyber Forensics, Legal Governance Risk & Compliance(GRC) and data privacy space. 

Bobby Balachandran has founded and started BTG Universal, yet another feather in his cap. The media production house has a wide range of verticals including Hollywood cinema, Indian cinema and an exclusive digital platform. The company is headed and run for him by Dr.M.Manoj Beno who is already a well known name in the industry with several years of experience and has been working with some of the biggest production houses and projects. Bobby is stepping into the media industry in both Hollywood and India with the production of many quality movies and digital content in the pipeline. Based in the United States, Bobby has the penchant for investing in several diverse areas of interest, keenly following them up with passion. His intention is to cross pollinate technology and entertainment and thereby produce astounding results across the world. He has entrusted this mission to a dedicated team. The vision of the company is to strike a balance between producing magnum opus projects and small projects as mass media and digital content, thereby creating good business and talent opportunities to artists and crew from all sectors. For a grand entry, BTG Universal has acquired the entire rights of the Arulnithi starrer “Demonte Colony 2”, directed by Ajay Gnanamuthu. 

Bobby Balachandran says, “It’s great to see that the bond between the software and the entertainment industry is getting strengthened. I'm primarily a tech person, and when I see the possiblities of collaborating my expertise in technology with the media industry it's pretty fascinating. My primary focus will continue to be the software world where we already have a strong presence, but I view this as an opportunity to explore and encourage talent, opening the gate for people both in technology and entertainment media. If one has the knowledge and vision to strike the balance between both, there could be amazing content available for the benefit of the audience. For me, 24 hours a day are never enough for the multiple fields of interest that I have to handle. Hence Dr. Manoj taking up this responsibility makes this process easier for me while I continue my core business and can afford to make some time to oversee this venture. While we are already in the process of finalizing many  mass media and digital projects, we wanted to kick-start by procuring a good movie. After considering many options we felt that ‘Demonte Colony 2’ is the appropriate project. The ‘Horror’ genre owns a large group of audiences worldwide. Demonte Colony Part 1 worked magic at the box office by appealing to the interests of universal crowds. We are delighted to be recreating that magic by collaborating with Arulnithi whose career graph keeps elevating with every project. Ajay Gnanamuthu owns impeccable craftsmanship, and we are so happy with the way Demonte Colony 2 is shaping up. The movie has state-of-the-art visual effects with a great storyline and we are sure that this would be an absolute theatrical experience. This movie would be a benchmark in not just Tamil but Indian horror cinema with it's high production value and stunning visuals.” 

Director Ajay R Gnanamuthu, “It’s an honor to have Mr. Bobby Balachandran associating with Demonte Colony 2. The arrival of such a tycoon who respects cinema as an additional business will undoubtedly heighten the value of our industry. We are happy to have his Midas touch on the project. Such an effort by Mr.Bobby Balachandran and Dr.Manoj Beno will inspire others to establish their presence in the movie industry which in turn will encourage fresh, young, and promising talents. Currently we are working on the postproduction and are looking at a perfect release date for a huge simultaneous release in various languages and various regions in a couple of months. The business offers for the movie are already great and exciting, and it shows the anticipation of the audience.' 

Demonte Colony 2 features Arulnithi, Priya Bhavani Shankar, Antti Jaaskelainen, Tsering Dorjee, Arun Pandian, Muthukumar, Meenakshi Govindarajan, Sarjano Khalid, and Archana R in the star cast. Sam CS has composed the music and Harish Kannan has handled the cinematography. The film is produced by Bobby Balachandran in association with Vijay Subramanian’s White Nights Entertainment and RC Rajkumar's Gnanamuthu Pattarai.

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