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Saturday 5 August 2023

SRK's amazing lungi saga: From 'Chennai Express' to 'Jawan,' a

 *SRK's amazing lungi saga: From 'Chennai Express' to 'Jawan,' a fun co-incidence!*

The connection between  Shah Rukh Khan, and the 'Lungi ' has officially become more iconic than ever.  From his unforgettable stint in 'Chennai Express' hit song Lungi Dance to his latest chartbuster Vandha Edam from 'Jawan', SRK's association with the lungi has struck a resounding chord. The first song of Jawan launched recently has been at the top of the global music charts since its lunch. 

The song has a sweet coincidence or maybe it’s SRK’s lucky charm! Vandha Edam has once again brought the lungi to the forefront. it's not just SRK's star power that has fans talking – it's the lungi's recurring presence that's been noticed by fans. Thousands of background dancers don the lungi, infusing the performance with a unique cultural flavor. 

The nostalgia-inducing factor is further enhanced by the presence of Priyamani, who shares the screen with SRK once again. It’s wonderful to see their fun camaraderie once again after  ‘1 2 3 4 Get on the Dance Floor’ from the blockbuster 'Chennai Express'. With Priyamani and SRK reuniting, and the lungi making an appearance, 'Vandha Edam' seems poised to recreate the magic of their previous collaboration.

With its pulsating energy, larger-than-life visuals, and the lungi's symbolic presence, the song stands as a testament to Shah Rukh Khan's enduring connection with both music and culture. Currently, the song has taken the global music scene by storm with 46 Million views in 24 hours on YouTube.

Jawan is a Red Chillies Entertainment presentation directed by Atlee, Produced by Gauri Khan, and Co-produced by Gaurav Verma. The film will release worldwide in theatres on September 7th, 2023 in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu languages

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