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Thursday 2 November 2023

Ragini Dwivedi’s action-packed lead role in ‘Email’

 Ragini Dwivedi’s action-packed lead role in ‘Email’ 

‘Email’ to release simultaneously in Tamil and Kannada 

Debut filmmaker’s ‘Email’ starring Ragini Dwivedi in the lead character 

‘Email’ to showcase the contemporary online gaming scams 

SR Film Factory S.R. Rajan’s presents and directorial ‘Email’

Kannada actress Ragini Dwivedi , who has been winning brownie points for her fabulous performances in Tamil and Telugu projects is playing the female lead in ‘Email’ with Muruga Ashok as the protagonist. 

Actress Aarthi Sri, who is popular in Bengali and Hindi film industry is playing the second heroine character in this movie. 


Late actor Manobala and Lollu Sabha Manohar are playing important characters in this movie with Billy Murali as the antagonist. 


The bilingual film simultaneously made in Tamil and Kannada is an amalgamation of comedy, action, sentiment and suspense-thriller. 

 Avinash Gavaskar is composing music and ‘Drauapadi’ movie fame Jubin is taking care of background score. 

DOP Selvam Madhappan, who has captured tremendous visuals in more than 20 movies is handing cinematography for this movie. 

Rajesh Kumar of ‘Velai Illa Pattadhaari’ and ‘Naan Mahaan Alla’ fame is overseeing editing works for this movie. 

The film revolves around the plot of a heroine, who gets a link in message, which reads that playing the game by clicking it will offer her precious gifts. Unexpectedly, she gets trapped into a web of mafia group. 

Does she manage to get out of the troubled waters or not forms the basic crux of this story. The film is set against the backdrops of present day realities, where many individuals are getting trapped by the online betting and gaming scams. 

Sharing his experience of shooting this film, Producer-Director S.R. Rajan says. “Being a successful businessman, I came into the film industry with a passion to create and make good content-driven movies as a producer. However, the situations influenced and inspired me to become a director. With strong self-confidence and hope on the script, I decided to embark on the directorial venture through this movie.” 

“Initially, cast and crew members of this film gave some pressures since I am a newbie to the industry. However, convinced with my making style and process of filmmaking, they started extending their earnest support to this project.” 

“Since the film is based on the female-centric plot, I approached many leading heroines for the film, but they refused. It was pleasing and so great of Ragini Dwivedi to show interest and accepting to be a part of this movie.” 

“Few days after listening to this script, she called up and asked me if I would make the film exactly as I narrated. Those words instilled more responsibility in me and I have made the film exactly as I promised.” 


Our crew had to face lots of challenges and issues while shooting the film, which were like huge barricades. 

The film has been extensively shot across the exotic locales of Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, Mysore, Kerala, Goa and Mumbai. 


The entire shooting phase of this film was 56 days, where 3 days in Pondicherry and 7 days of shooting in Goa got hampered due to the heavy downpour of rain. So we had to reschedule the shooting plans. Actress Ragini Dwivedi, who was already committed to various projects including Kick and Bola Shankar took additional efforts and gave us dates to shoot those sequences. 

While shooting for an action sequence, where it involved a bomb blast element, it unfortunately hurt and injured the heroine with some severe wound, thereby demanding stitches. Many from the Kannada film industry had started creating issues, and actress Ragini Dwivedi intervened and sorted out the issue amicably. She continued to act without any hassles, which surprised the entire unit . 

Besides, Muruga Ashok got severely injured in his eardrum and was immediately rushed to the hospital with many stitches. He didn’t even rest for a while, and instantly returned back to the shooting spot. It was really surprising to see him performing on the sets for three days continuously without any breaks. 

Actor Manobala has done a pivotal character in this movie, and he had almost shot his portions except a couple of scenes. He fell sick and requested, if he can shoot later, and even completed dubbing the portions he had filmed. Unfortunately, he passed away due to his illness. 

Currently, the postproduction work has been completed, and the movie has been processed for censoring. 

The film is now getting ready for the simultaneous release in Tamil and Kannada. 

Following this movie, director S.R. Rajan is directing a new movie, which is a remake of critically acclaimed and commercially successful Malayalam movie ‘Ini Uthiram’. 

Talks are going on with the leading and eminent actors from the industry to be a part of this star-cast. The shooting of this film is scheduled to go on floors from January 2024 as stated by director S.R. Rajan.

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