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Friday 3 February 2023

This will be source of attraction for everyone. I request everyone to watch the movie

 This will be source of attraction for everyone. I request everyone to watch the movie and share your thoughts. I request everyone to support this movie.'

Producer C.V.Kumar said, "The film's music director is a multi-talented personality. I wish him great success. I wish Mahat, a great success of this film  and his upcoming lineups. I wish the entire team a good success."

Actor Abhishek said, "There needs to be a special responsibility for making love stories. The cinematographer will be appreciated after the film's release for his spellbinding visuals. Nitin Sathya has a great gesture of giving opportunities to everyone, and he elevates everyone.  The hard work and sincerity of director has made both of them journey together. The film should garner good success.'

Cinematographer Karthik Nallamuthu said, "I thank both director and producer for giving me complete creative freedom. Everyone in the team cooperated a lot that made the entire process of shooting smooth. I wish the entire team, a good success."

Music Director Tamizhmani said, 'I thank producer and director for giving this opportunity. This movie gave an experience of journeying together with friends. I wish success for the whole team."

Actress Sana said, "I thank both producers and director for making me a part of this movie. I thank director for giving me a chance in this movie in spite of my language barrier. I thank cinematographer for showing me beautifully in this movie. I thank everyone in the crew for their earnest support. I request you all to support this movie." 

Director R. Aravind said, "There are lots of financial challenges involved in projects made by new filmmakers. However, producers Nitin Sathya and Ravindhran have been consistently giving opportunities to many newcomers. I thank both for such an adorable gesture. This must continue. I thank everyone who journeyed together in this movie."

Actor Mahat said, " This is my 16th movie, by my first movie as hero. I was approached for this movie during the COVID time. I share a great bonding with director Aravind across the years. I am extremely happy for having worked with him in this movie. I am glad to see that Ramesh has debuted as music director with this movie. Both the actors and technicians have embellished the movie with their finest touch. When the movie was into financial issues, it was Ravindar sir who extended his helping hands. I thank him for his great gesture. Tamil cinema needs good hearted people like Nitin Sathya and Ravindhran together. I thank everyone for their earnest support."

Producer Ravindhar Chandrasekaran said, "There has always been a good understanding between me and Nitin Sathya. Nithin shows complete enthusiasm and energy into creation of films. Tamil cinema needs talented actors like Mahat. Actors like Vivek Prasanna have to be celebrated. I am happy to them performing in this movie. All the actors have done a tremendous job in this movie. The technicians in this movie are brilliant and talented. I strongly believe this movie will be a great success. This is only profitable movie that I have produced till now. I thank everyone."

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