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Tuesday 13 June 2023

Australia-return Aadharsh Madhikaandham produces, directs and plays

 *Australia-return Aadharsh Madhikaandham produces, directs and plays the protagonist in 'Naayaadi', a film that stars Ajith's 'Thunivu' co-star Kadhambari as female lead*

*A gritty horror thriller that narrates the story of Kerala's most backward tribal group, 'Naayaadi' to release in Tamil Nadu and Kerala on June 16*

Aadharsh Madhikaandham, who hails from Tamil Nadu and worked as a metro train pilot in Sydney, has produced and directed a film titled 'Naayaadi', besides playing the lead role.

Kadhambari, who starred in 'Thunivu' with Ajith, plays the female lead in this suspense-filled horror-fantasy-thriller that narrates the story of Naayaadis, a most backward tribal community in Kerala. Popular YouTuber Fabby plays a key role.

Aadharsh Madhikaandham said, "It has been my long-time dream to be part of the film industry. So, I have made 'Naayaadi' with the money I earned in Australia. It will be completely different from the routine horror films. Naayaadis (meaning hunters) are a very backward tribe living without even basic amenities. The film will talk about Naayaadis and their history.

The film is about how the Naayaadis, who have been suffering for years, learned and used witchcraft voodoo and black magic to protect themselves from humans and animals in the past, and their connection today."

Speaking further, he said, "Famous writer Jeyamohan has mentioned in his book 'Nooru Simhasanangal' how much suffering a person from Naayaadi race faced before completing his IAS. But their story has not been told on screen yet. The film 'Naayaadi' will fulfill this."

The film also stars Malavika Manoj, Arawinthsamy, Nivas S Saravanan and Ravichandran R. Arun, who is composing music for Parithapangal team's upcoming film, will make his debut as a music director with 'Naayaadi'. Cinematography is by Mosses Daniel and editing by C.M. Elangovan. Bruce Lee Rajesh choreographed the stunt scenes.

Produced, directed and headlined by Aadharsh Madhikaandham for Advik Visual Media, Warrier Films Corporation Australia, Futurz Australia and Aadharsh Madhikaandham Pictures, 'Naayadi' is slated to release on June 16 in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. 


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