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Tuesday 13 June 2023

Sure, lets meet on 7th September", Shah Rukh Khan gave his fans the wittiest replies in

 *"Sure, lets meet on 7th September", Shah Rukh Khan gave his fans the wittiest replies in #AskSRK session*

*Shah Rukh Khan grabs the headline again with his most unique replies in the #AskSRK session*

*Shah Rukh Khan is back with his witty replies on #AskSRK! Excitement for Jawan is everywhere!*

Shah Rukh Khan enjoys a massive fanbase across the globe. The superstar earlier this year gave the biggest blockbuster ever and scored history with Pathaan. Shah Rukh Khan is also known to stay connected with fans and audiences through social media and evidence of the same is his monthly #AskSRK session where he himself engages and answers the questions of his fans. His replies in the session are always something to watch out for, as they’re not only witty and funny but full of his amazing sense of humor attached to it. The superstar  conducted another #AskSRK session today and his replies are again the highlight of the session.

*Evening plans of watching Jawan*

One twitter user asked Shah Rukh Khan about his evening plan for the day, to which the actor replied, "Was thinking will watch Jawaan with Atlee" 

*Jawan is challenging*

Another user asked Shah Rukh Khan which was physically more challenging for him Dunki or Jawaan to which he replied, "Jawaan for sure lots of action"

*A request to show Jawan now*

A fan of Shah Rukh Khan requested him to show Jawan asap, the actor responded in a humorous way by saying, "Sure lets meet on 7th of September"

*Vijay Sethupathi in Jawan is too cool, says SRK*

Say something about our jawan villain, a Twitter user asked Shah Rukh Khan and he responded by saying, “@VijaySethuOffl is awesome one of my favourite actors and in Jawaan he is toooooo cool"

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