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Sunday 9 July 2023

Udhayanidhi Stalin and Tamannah-starrer

Udhayanidhi Stalin and Tamannah-starrer 'Kanne Kalaimaane' (Dear Beautiful Deer ) directed by Seenu Ramasamy wins three awards at the Indo-French International Film Festival

The 2019 film 'Kanne Kalaimaane' directed by Seenu Ramasamy and produced by Udayanidhi Stalin who had also played the protagonist, was widely praised for its heart-touching humanity.

The movie has now garnered international attention. 'Kanne Kalaimaane' has bagged three awards at the Indo-French International Film Festival.

While Udhayanidhi Stalin won the best producer award, Tamannaah bagged the best actress award and Vadivukkarasi the best supporting actress award for 'Kanne Kalaimaane' at the Indo-French International Film Festival. 

Director Seenu Ramasamy is happy about this and said, "Kanne Kalaimaane narrated the lives of an organic farmer and an honest bank official from a family of handloom weavers. I made the film's festival version in the middle of 2019 with the help of editor Kasi Viswanathan. We created it with a runtime of 1:43:08 minutes as close to reality as possible in all aspects.

While 'Kanne Kalaimaane' received two awards at the Kolkata Film Festival, the deadly COVID started to spread and paralyzed everything. Recently, friends including Ulaga Cinema Bhaskaran saw the version and said it can be sent to international film festivals.

So, we sent it again with confidence to international film festivals that are not concerned about the year of making. It is a great pleasure that 'Kanne Kalaimaane' won three awards at the Indo-French International Film Festival."

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