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 வித்தியாசமான திரில்லர் படமாக உருவாகும் " குற்றம் புதிது "  அறிமுக நாயகன் தருண் - அறிமுக நாயகி செஷ்வித்தா நடிக்கும் " குற்றம்...

Monday 4 February 2019

Mumbai’s North Central Constituency to see the rise of a new face

Mumbai’s North Central Constituency to see the rise of a new face‘Shanti Singh Chauhan’ for the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections as Congress Top Cadre opts for changes
As Rahul Gandhi strictly chooses it out from people’s choice from candidates those who have real on-ground experience in handling social challenges and issues with real time solutions

Mumbai, February 4th, 2019:There is a twist in the choice of choosing the candidature for the upcoming LokSabha elections as the former MP and Senior Congress Leader Priya Dutt recently announced her indisposition to conduct the upcoming elections from the Mumbai’s North Central Constituency. This will turn the table aroundin the constituency - as party’s top brass decides to provide preference to new young faces to conduct elections for the top job. Our sources claim that Shanti Singh Chauhan an active member of the Indian National Congress has been on the top list for this position as the congress leadership is looking for young faces those who have been on the forefront bringing social change in society. 

This time the party will drive a youth centric agenda as the nation host more than 50% of its population under the age of 25 and 65% below the age of 35, it is expected that, by 2020, the average age of an Indian will be 29 years, compared to 37 for China and 48 for Japan. Considering that India will be the Treasure Trove of Youth at east for the next two decades, it is essential that Young India needs to be led by Intelligence, Patience and Sensibility. Unfortunately today the present trend of the government seems to be towards encouraging the youth toward more destructive, hyper emotional and violent and extreme actions. The power of youth lays its volcanic, raw and untapped emotions. If handled wrong, the output will be disastrous as we are witnessing on a day to day basis, where mobs of youngsters burn effigy’s and destroy national heritage property, in the name of patriotism.

“Youth are the most important section of the population. They show strong passion, motivation & will power making them the most valuable human resource for fostering economic, cultural & political development of a nation. When harnessed right they can be motivated, skilled and streamlined properly to bring rapid progress for a country. They are the ones who encourage their peers and families into taking action, promoting new methods of farming, understanding the impact of environment issues and the effect of self-sufficient happy villages on the economy and growth of a country, Said Shanti Singh Chauhan”

THE NEED OF THE HOUR: A leader with a strong mind and positive actions, a leader who can gently but firmly steer the youth of the nation towards utilising their intelligence, putting their energy into constructive actions, contributing to the glory of the nation with his/her efforts and hard work, is needed. I believe that Indian National Congress, with its young leader at the head, will be able to steer the country’s youth in the right direction. A leader, who values traditions at heart and yet is ready to embrace the ever-changing world scenario for the betterment of the country & her people, is required.

CHIME FOR CHANGE: I believe that the first action of the INC, towards pledging its embrace for Change, should be to encourage the Common Man/Woman to be a part of this journey. As ordinary citizens, we are not easily swayed by fake promises and partial towards any section of society. We have lived all our lives in the society that the government promises to improve. We have been on the other side of the barrier too long, hoping that our voices can be heard. We, ordinary citizens, are not afraid to lead, not afraid of hard work and we don’t always do social work for photo-ops. After being cooped up with the same people who represent the same set of ideas and opinions, it’s time for a breath of fresh air, new ideas and new perspective. We are people’s people and our voice can become the tune of the nation.

TOGETHER WE RISE: Rejuvenation, Integrity, Sincerity& Empathy! When a Common man decides to stand up and be heard, he/she doesn’t stand alone. She stands on a prayer filled with desperation and anguish of voices that want to be heard at last through a representative that channels their aspirations and hope for a better life.

Profile of Shanti Singh Chauhan

I am Shanthi Chauhan. An active member of the Indian National Congress and I stand by my values which are in sync with the agenda set by the dynamic leader of INC.

 I am a part of the country whose citizens have watched their leaders enter with promises and exit with a bag of lies for several decades. I am a part of the uncensored discussions that ring in every household. I am a part of the society that in hurt by the insensitivity and brutal neglect of its leaders today.

 I am a woman, a mother, a sister, a teacher, a farmer, a social worker, an environmentalist, an entrepreneur and most importantly, I am a common citizen of India. I know my rights as well as my duties. I believe that opportunities, education and empathy can destroy the hate filled ignorance that fills the streets of our country today. I have heard the voices of my fellow citizens through various meetings that have been a part of my journey towards making a better Society. I have heard the plight of the elderly, the discomfort of various communities, seen the neglect and tears of little children, I witnessed the repressed anger of women who find their skills un-utilized and laid to waste and the under lying anger of the youth who are reduced to spectators while their fates are being decided by gamblers in the masks of leaders.

I want to be the torch bearer of change, someone who can connect the scattered layers of society and bring their issues together as they cast their vote towards a new era of peace, opportunities and progressive thinking. Together we RISE.

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