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Wednesday 7 June 2023

Filmmaker Lingusamy meets Tmt. Kanimozhi M.P

Filmmaker Lingusamy meets Tmt. Kanimozhi M.P.

Poet Abdul Rahman Memorial Haiku Competition; Director Lingusamy presented the compiled Haiku book to Honourable Kanimozhi M.P.

The first annual Haiku Poem Competition marking the remembrance of poet Abdul Rahman, under filmmaker Lingusamy's guidance, commenced in 2022. The winners were honoured with prizes and 50 prize-winning poems were compiled and published as a book. It is worth mentioning that Honourable Member of Parliament - Tmt. Kanimozhi graced the inaugural ceremony of the first anniversary.

It is worth mentioning that the second annual event of Poet Abdul Rahman’s commemorative Haiku Poem was held successfully recently.

Filmmaker Lingusamy recently met and interacted with Honourable Member of Parliament Kanimozhi in person and discussed this beautiful publication and event.

Sharing his experience of this meeting, director Lingusamy said, “It was a pleasure presenting the book containing the prize-winning Haiku poems of the first Haiku Poem Annual Competition inaugurated by Poetess Tmt. Kanimozhi last year. My gratitude went out to her for supporting this program wholeheartedly as I shared my happiness over the completion of its first year.  I also conveyed my best wishes to Kanimozhi MP for Kalaignar Karunanidhi's centenary year celebrations. Besides, I was more elated to have Poet-Lyricist Arivumathi during this meeting.”

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